Is it worth it to buy a box of Modern Masters 2015? by Tolarian Community College

Is it worth it to buy a box of Modern Masters 2015? by Tolarian Community College

Is it worth it to buy a box of Modern Masters 2015? (video at the end of the article)

Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a Modern Masters 2015 booster box?

Modern Masters is special set of Magic: The Gathering. Not part of any block, it contains reprints of expensive Modern staples in the hope of allowing players more access to these highly in-demand cards. But in an effort not to over saturate the market entirely, it has a higher than usual RRP, and availability is very limited. So given the high cost, is this set still worth it?

Before I continue I must point out a major problem with this question, “Is it worth it to buy Modern Masters?” needs more clarification. WORTH IT to what end? What do you want to do with Modern Masters? Are you an established Modern player looking to expand your collection and also get some cards of high trade and financial value? Are you a new Modern player looking to get critical pieces to build a top tier Modern deck? Are you interested in a great financial value? Opened or sealed? Or perhaps just looking for a great addition to your collection? Is that the worth (value) you seek? Or perhaps you just want to have a fun draft.


These questions may have different answers, as Modern Masters is likely worth it to some but not others. Let’s take a look.

Let’s start with the first and I feel most important thing to recognise about Modern Masters boxes: You will not get anywhere near the components needed to build a Modern deck from your Modern Masters box.

This is a recurring perception problem on the part of many players, which is the incorrect idea that the way to go from having no deck to having a deck is through buying boosters. It is not true for Standard, and it is not true for Modern.

A Modern Masters 2 box contain 3 Mythics on average, and it is highly unlikely two of these Mythics will be the same card. There are a total of 15 mythics in Modern Masters 2. If you are expecting a Goyf in every box, a Dark Confidant in every box, even a Mox Opal in every box, you are going to be in for a disappointment. You might even end up with the 0.49 Comet Storm.

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Is it worth it to buy…

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Community Question: Did you buy a Modern Masters 2015 booster box? What are the top 3 most expensive cards that you got from it?

What are the top 3 most expensive cards you got from your Modern Masters 2015 booster box

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