Landslide Charge Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck Unboxing & Review by Liam Casserly

Landslide Charge Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck Unboxing & Review by Liam Casserly

So we were lucky enough to get a Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck. As I have mentioned in nearly every one of my articles, I love all types of Magic. I’m into it on all the levels. A large part of my friendship group is attached to it, my family play, and I write an article every week about it – it’s safe to say I’m a enfranchised player.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well it’s to explain how I come to these reviews. I am, in the most part, a positive person and I’m enthusiastic about Magic, and I hope that comes across in my writing. It also needs to be said that I’m nearly always positive about new products. Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t see where Wizards have fallen short on delivering things that players want. It’s just that sometimes the community wants unrealistic things. When they don’t get them, some people think that it’s their job to tell everybody that Wizards suck and people should feel bad for enjoying the game.

I nearly always buy the event decks. The only one I didn’t buy was the Born of the Gods one. It was a Mono-Black deck with Pack Rat and Hero’s Downfall. It sold very fast because it contained cards that were worth money and were in the best deck at the time.

I like the Event decks. They’re nearly always out-of-the-box playable at FNM, unless you have a super competitive meta. Now I’m not saying it’s tier 1, not even at your local shop, but they are not normally a 0-4 deck.

However, if you are brand new to the game and you walk into the shop, I personally would not point you in the direction of the Event Deck. I’d be much more likely to point out the Intro decks (review here). But if you’ve been playing a while, a few months maybe, you’ve upgraded a draft deck that did okay for you, or you’ve built something with the deck builders toolkit – well, this is the product for you.

Landslide Charge – Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck

Elvish Mystic
Golden Hind
Heir of the Wilds
Mogis’s Warhound
Yasova Dragonclaw
Fanatic of Xenagos
Savage Knuckleblade
Surrak, the Hunt Caller
Thunderbreak Regent
Polis Crusher
Mistcutter Hydra
Boon Satyr
Outpost Siege
Arc Lightning
Crater’s Claws
Wild Slash
Stubborn Denial
Lightning Strike
Temur Charm
Frontier Bivouac
Temple of Abandon
Evolving Wilds
10 Forest


Stubborn Denial
Arc Lightning
Rending Volley
Disdainful Stroke
Encase in Ice
Abzan Beastmaster
Reclamation Sage
Act of Treason

This is a deck for the improving player. As Adam mentions in the video, it gives you a direction to go in. It says to you: Get another couple of Savage Knuckleblades or Crater’s Claws, when you lose a game because you were crimped on Red mana. And you’ll look at those Golden Hinds and think to yourself they should be Rattleclaw Mystics.

How does this deck play? Well, it plays a lot like the deck I’ve been running in Standard since Fate Reforged came out. My deck is a straight up Red-Green Monsters deck, but the components are very similar. 4 Mystics, 4 Heir of the Wilds and 4 Fanatic of Xenagos. I also run some number of Yasova Dragonclaws and Boon Satyrs.

I like the mainboard creatures in the event deck. I can understand why Wizards only dole out the rares as 1 ofs. It is a little frustrating they can’t just give us 2 Boon Satyrs instead of Polis Crusher or another Thunderbreak Regent instead of the Mistcutter Hydra… I mean it is a dragons set after all and just one dragon seems a little stingy. All in all though, I’m not too down on the creatures.

Landslide Charge Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck UnBoxing

The non creatures is a similar story. Outpost Siege is a very good card and a one of seems pretty reasonable in this deck. A single copy of Arc Lightning and Stubborn Denial in the main board instead a playset of Wild Slashes or Lightning Strikes just feels a little off, but that is more a deck-building choice and neither of these cards are very expensive to replace. I guess it just depends on your local meta.

Now what does bug me a little is the mana base. Taking into account all the things I have already said, I do wish there were 2 rare lands, temples or painlands, in here instead of just one Temple of Abandon. It would improve the deck’s playability, as well as it would motivate improving players to buy the product: they would use those lands in different decks.

Building a mana base is one of the more expensive things in Magic. When I first started I had no idea how valuable a good land could be in terms of playability, so opening a rare land instead of a cool monster was always disappointing. It felt wrong to trade away a bunch of cards just for one land. These days I understand that the lands help me to play the cards I want and so I am more than happy to open them or trade for them. Still, getting two copies in a deck like this would be a very cool thing to happen.

What about the looks? I like the box, but not because it’s very well made or anything. I like it for the fact that, unless someone is trolling you, it’s an indicator that the person sat down opposite you is a fairly new player, and perhaps after the game you could talk with them about how the deck plays and what sort of changes might be done to improve it. Even if you lost!

Adam was keen to run the gauntlet with the deck at FNM but, what with pre-release and then release, he won’t get his chance until next week. However once he does I’ll come back with another article and let you guys know how it gets on.

As always, you can get this MTG Event Deck for less right here.

Thanks for reading,

Liam Casserly

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