Announcing the mtgUK Eternal National Championships

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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me cut straight to the point:

Between Saturday 23rd and Monday 25th May, Manaleak will be hosting the inaugural mtgUK Eternal National Championships with events spread across all three days across many, many formats.


What will this mean?

Well, across the course of the weekend there will be three National Champions crowned across the Eternal formats, a super-FNM and a whole host of side events available throughout the weekend, including booster drafts and other side events, running from 3pm onwards across all 3 days right up until we close at 11pm. These will all be driven by player demand. If you want an event to run, just ask for it.

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Friday 22nd May – Super Modern FNM

If you’re thinking of travelling down for some or all of the events, why not make a full weekend of it. Our FNM on the 22nd May will be Modern, the entry fee is only £5 and bonus prizes will also be given to the best performing Standard legal deck in addition to regular prizes! Prizes for this are to be confirmed and are dependant on attendance. 

This is a great opportunity to do some final testing and get a good sleep before the Championship weekend.

Saturday 23rd May – mtgUK 2015 Vintage National Championships

Saturday 23rd May will be the mtgUK Vintage National Championships 2015. This will seethe much coveted Vintage Championship trophy along with a prize of £500. Not only that but the player with the highest finish after the swiss pairings who also does not play with any of the cards below will also win £100 store credit in addition to regular prizes.

The cards are:

Black Lotus (0)

Mox Emerald (0)

Mox Ruby (0)

Mox Sapphire (0)

Mox Jet (0)

Mox Pearl (0)

Ancestral Recall (0)

Time Walk (0)

Timetwister (0)

Mana Drain (0)

Bazaar of Baghdad (0)

Mishra’s Workshop (0)

Imperial seal (0)

Library of Alexandria (0)

Time Vault (0)

SATURDAY 23rd May at 10:00am

Entrance – £22.00


The venue for this event is:
The Angel Centre
14 Angel Place

Deck lists will be required.

Sunday 24th May – mtgUK 2015 Legacy National Championships

Sunday 24th May will see the crowning of the mtgUK Legacy National Champion 2015, with them being awarded the highly desirable Legacy Championship trophy in addition to £500. The more people who enter the more prizes there will be, with other prizes to be announced in the buildup to the event.

SUNDAY 24th May at 10:00am

Entrance – £22.00


The venue for this event is:

The Angel Centre
14 Angel Place

1st Place – £500

The winner will also be crowned the 2015 mtgUK Legacy National Champion and will receive the prestigious 2015 mtgUK Legacy National Champion trophy.

Prizes for the remaining top 8 will be announced shortly.


The player with the highest finish after the swiss pairings playing either a Standard or Modern deck will also win £50 store credit IN ADDITION TO regular prizes.

Last Place will always get a Booster Pack.

Deck lists will be required.

Bank Holiday Monday 25th May – mtgUK 2015 Modern National Championships (Win-a-Goyf)

And finally, an extra addition to what was previously stated, we will be running a Modern National Championships on Monday 25th May. The winner will be crowned the 2015 mtgUK Modern National Champion and will receive the prestigious 2015 mtgUK Modern National Champion trophy. The winner will also get a Tarmogoyf or the equivalent in store credit if they wish. Prize structure for the remaining top 8 will be decided on on the day amongst the players and the TO.

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Discounts & Special Offers

Do you normally give lifts to players to events? We all really appreciate the time and effort that drivers put in to giving players lifts to events, and recognise that without drivers doing this the UK Magic: The Gathering community would not be as active as it is. As a thank you, we would like to offer all drivers giving lifts to at least 2 other players to any of our Championship events a £5 store credit voucher each. The driver will get a £5 store credit voucher for each of the Championship they attend providing both the players they take also take part in that event too.

Entry Fee & Pre-register

Entry to the Legacy National Championship or the Vintage National Championship is only £22 each on the day, or £19.99 each if you pre-register online. Entry to the Modern Championship will be £10 each on the day or £9 each for pre-registering online. For a limited time only, you can pre-register for all 3 days for only £44.99. To take advantage of these savings now and secure yourself a seat, please go to our event sign up page.

Please be advised that rates will increase if we encounter unforeseen costs, so please please please do take advantage of these low rates while you still can by pre-registering ASAP!

Accommodation & Travel

There are also many hotels and B&Bs within walking distance of the store. I did a quick search for hotels in the area and the local Travelodge came up with the price of £136 for a double room for Friday to Monday of that weekend (£36 Friday, £68 Saturday, £32 Sunday), and it’s less than five minutes walk from the store. We are also currently trying to gauge interest on how many people will be after accommodation to see if we can arrange anything with nearby hotels for you.

There are also good road links to Worcester with ample parking nearby and excellent train services to the city. If any of this information changes due to us needing to hire a larger venue we will let you know as soon as possible. Please do help us to help you in this by pre-registering through the links above.

So why are we doing this?


Well, us folks at Manaleak love playing the game in all its guises and want to give something back to the community. One of the major restructures of WotC organised play in the past few years has meant that there are no longer officially recognised National Championships for people to play in, and as a result of that, we no longer have national champions. Yes, we have the World Magic Cup squads. Yes, these guys do act as our champions at the World Magic Cup, but what we have heard from a lot of people is that the diluting of the WMCQs has meant that the event is now a lot less of a Magic celebration than it should be.

So that’s what we want to give you all. A celebration. A great, big weekend full of Magic, fun, friends and competition. Oh, and some sweet, sweet cards.

The aim of this is also not just to keep it to ourselves. We want this to be an annual, ongoing event every year with other stores getting involved, the potential for feeder tournaments to earn byes and all manner of other fantastic ways in which we can promote the eternal formats throughout the community in the UK (and maybe even beyond).

So what support will we give you for this?


Well, over the next few weeks and months leading up to the Championships, our writers on the mtgUK site will help you out by writing preparation articles for the tournaments. We will write about Modern, Legacy, Vintage, what the formats entail, how to beat the format, how to get involved, what budget decks are there to pick up, what other resources there are out there and available to read, as well as taking any and all feedback on what you want to be seeing from us.

After all guys, this is for you!

Great! So what should I do now?

  1. OK so the first thing to do is to make sure that you add or follow us on Facebook, this way we can keep you up to date as well as respond to any questions and comments you may have. Please add this account on Facebook –
  2. You should also click “Join” on the Facebook listing for the event itself, this will help us get a better idea of numbers and help us make the event as accommodating as possible for you. Here you will also be able to interact with other Eternal Magic players, discuss ideas and make requests. Please join this Facebook event –
  3. And finally, we would like to ask that you pre-register the events as soon as you can via our website. This is very important as it will secure you a seat and also help us determine if we will need a bigger venue or not. The sooner that this can be done the better, oh and if you pre-register online then you’ll also save some money too! You can pre-register here –
  4. And finally, finally. This is a community endeavour, it is a celebration of Eternal Magic by the community for the community, if you would like to help make this a success then please let others know about the event. You can do this by simply sharing this article or by commenting below, we’d really appreciate it, thank you!

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Please let us know what you think below...

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