The Great Big Compendium of Legacy Knowledge by Christopher Cooper

The Great Big Compendium of Legacy Knowledge by Christopher Cooper

I am a huge fan of Legacy, as most of you will already know, and I like to think I know more than a little bit about the format. However, we all start somewhere and need a bit of a jump to get up to speed sometimes. Therefore I’ve decided to put together a list of as many resources as possible to help you get into the format, explore it a little more, and keep them all together in one handy place for your perusal.

This is the second in a mini-series of these I’ll be writing, with the Vintage Compendium and the Modern version to follow in anticipation of the Eternal National Championships coming up in May. If you’re planning on taking part in these, please do sign up now  to guarantee your place and help the organiser make the weekend as comfortable for you as possible.

First up we have probably the most essential piece of information available, the Banned and Restricted List. It’s not something that you’ll need to constantly refer back to, but as starting points go its a pretty good place to start.

However, is the Banned List correct? This is a question that is often debated hotly. One of the best analyses of it was done not too long ago by Caleb Durward from Channel Fireball in his Banned Series, which has since expanded to include a look at the Modern Banned list too. Caleb’s weekly article series, Legacy Weapon, often focusses on Legacy and often features tournament reports, tasty brews and looks at new ideas and cards. There are plenty of other authors on Channel Fireball who write about Legacy too, with articles searchable by set with the tags: for example, the Fate Reforged Legacy articles are in the format with Khans of Tarkir having the ending /legacy-ktk and so on.


One of the absolute best independent sites for Legacy is They run both podcasts and articles for Legacy as well as Vintage and boast some top names amongst their writers. One of these is Philipp Schoenegger, who is a great Miracles player and has multiple GP Top 8s to his name. They also host the Everyday Eternal Podcast, with regular contribution from Matt Pavlic, Jacob Kory, Sam Craven, Sean O’Brien, and Julian Knab.

Speaking of podcasts, there is a very good Legacy-based podcast a little closer to home. Hosted by The Two Stus, Legacy Breakfast is a fairly informal, laid back look at the format with in depth discussion on the format’s popular decks and cards as well as stories from times gone by and popular mini features like Monster of the Week (do more Monsters guys!).

There is also a lot of community discussion on Legacy. MTGTheSource is a forum dedicated to Legacy and its discussion. There’s also an avid community on MTGSalvation, with some good articles by member Spooky who has a way of creating a fun, competitive list on a very tight budget in his Squandered Resources series that has helped inspire my own Conjured Currency series (that will be coming back soon folks, I promise).

Having mentioned myself, it would be remiss of me not to remind you of this site. There are regular contributions on the mtgUK site from a number of authors, myself included, right here. Additionally, in the build up to the Eternal National Championships there will be an increased frequency of articles across all three formats covered by the Championships.

Other good UK based sources of include a couple of Facebook groups. The UK Legacy MTG Newsboard has notice of many upcoming Legacy events in the UK, perfect for finding events near you when you want them. It will also have most important Legacy news updated on it regularly. The Northern Legacy Players group is primarily a resource for Legacy players in the North (they’re an inventive lot with names up there). It has a large amount of local event and metagame discussion but it is also a very welcoming community that is happy to give advice on decks, go over situations that may have come up in your own events. There is also a “Daily Alex Question” every day asked by Alex Gershaw (see, I told you they were inventive) or possibly a stand in on a variety of thought provoking Legacy-based topics.


If you’re looking for Legacy tournament coverage, try the Star City Games video archives. Whilst there are now a lot fewer Legacy videos on there since they changed the format of the Open Series at the start of the year, there is plenty of relevant archive footage from past tournaments. The decklists listed there might be a little out of date, although the skill and basic styles of play are always relevant and there’s almost always something you can learn from them.

SCG also have a lot of writers who regularly write about Legacy. They have occasional Vs. videos which showcase big name players duking it out with top decks and regular tournament reports from successful Open Champions. They also have good regular content from one of my favourite authors, Drew Levin.

Now some of you may recognise this name from the Vintage Compendium from last week. Drew has written articles and produced videos for both formats in the last few months. He also wrote a great series on getting into Legacy and the different routes you can choose to buy your way in slowly. He also wrote a must-read article for people new to Legacy who want to know the nuts and bolts of the mechanical interactions just before GP New Jersey describing 18 common card interactions you might see at a Legacy tournament.

My final recommendation for you today is, which has decklists and card stats from almost all large major tournaments in both paper Magic and on MTGO. If you’re a statistics nut and looking for a deck, this is a good place to start.

Join me next week when I will complete the third part of this mini-series by taking a look at Modern. If you have any suggestions for resources to include, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments, or by contacting me directly on Facebook or Twitter.

Alternatively, you could meet up with me in person at the Manaleak Quarterly Win-a-Dual this Sunday, where I’ll be there battling with my… wait, you didn’t think I’d be giving my secret tech away there, did you?

Community Question: How did you get into Legacy?

How did you get into Legacy

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