Cards against Humanity, Love letter, Munchkin and more – Game for a Laugh Part 2 by Liam Casserly

Cards against Humanity, Love letter, Munchkin and more – Game for a Laugh Part 2 by Liam Casserly

Last time I spoke about only 3 games. I don’t know why I thought I would be able to get everything I wanted to say about board games in just one article, I mean I can write 1300 words on Magic each week. If you want to read Part One it’s here but it shouldn’t matter if you read them out of order.

As I mentioned in the last article, there is quite a large crossover in the worlds of Magic player and board gamers.

Way back when Richard Garfield was trying to sell his game Robbo Rally to Wizards of the Coast, there was no such thing as collectable card games. And when Mr Garfield showed the people at Wizards his other game, they thought it might be the sort of thing people could play in the down time at role playing game conferences. WOTC were, at that time, making numerous RPGs. They were not, however, the publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, which was the big thing back in the early 90s, although they do own that particular brand these days.

It’s strange to think they thought Magic would be the sort of thing that would be a bit of a filler game. Especially when you think of how many GPs and other large organised MTG events that are built on just this one game. When thinking of attending these types of things, most of you will pack decks for all formats but there can be a few other games that might make it into your bags.


Cards against Humanity

Cards against Humanity

It’s basically a game of trying to gross out your friends and be as offensive as possible. Part of the fun of this deck is playing with people who haven’t played it before. Seeing their face when they read the cards for the first time is loads of fun. I try and keep my column family friendly so I can’t really give examples of the sort of thing that might come up in the game.

You are only able to get this game from Amazon, here.


Love letter

Love letter card game

Love letter is a great game; I wish there were more like this. It’s cheap and portable and it’s very easy to teach to new people. What’s better for them as well is once you’ve taught them how to play they will probably be beating you.

This game feels much more like the game you play in between things, with only 15 cards total and the ability to set the winning number of points you are playing to. It has a simple game play. On your turn draw a card then play a card, but it has a decent amount of strategy to just those two actions. One of the best things is when you last opponent makes a mistake and gifts you the game but there is still a round of go’s where someone might just steal it from you. Whilst this game isn’t as deep as Magic, it acts like a lovely lemon sorbet and cleanses the palate in between heavy games of Planeswalker battling.

You can get this game here.




Munchkin gets a bit of bad press with hardcore cardboard addicts. I can’t really understand why it comes in for a lot of flak, I love it. Me and my kids get to do a bit of role play lite with Munchkin. It’s a fairly simple little game but it doesn’t really stop it being fun. You get to play cards that are tinged with silly humour.

You basically go on a dungeon adventure and there is a combat phase each round. When the person whos go it is gets involved in a fight with, say, a level 12 Wannabe Vampire but can only fight at a level 8, another player can offer a helping hand. For a treasure reward from your spoils of course. If the deal is done they might well help you out by playing the Pretty Balloons card giving you +5, only for a third player to play a Humongous card on the monster giving it +10 and you are defeated.

The cards in this game will feel familiar to any Magic player. They come in a few different types but they are either equipment style, that give an ongoing buff to your character, or instants, that can be played at any time during combat. Grudges are made in this game. Made and held for a long time.

You can get this game here.


King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo game

Another Richard Garfield game, this time it takes a classic dice game in the style of Yahtzee but adds cards and special powers as monsters duke it out to see who will be the King of Tokyo. The players roll dice to get certain combinations with three rolls. This is a really fun game. As anyone who has played actual RPGs will know, sometimes dice just hate you and, even in this game where you effectively get free re-rolls, the dice can just not be on your side. I haven’t had time to play the sequel yet but I hear lots of good things about it.

Most of the games I have already mentioned have been smaller games but there is the other end of the spectrum… huge games with lots of models and enormous complicated rule books. I’m a massive geek so a well written rule book is always a good thing. The daddy of them all has to be the Warhammer but I definitely don’t have enough words left to go into that game.

You can get this game here.


Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

The new kid on the block for tabletop miniatures is the Star Wars game. The X-Wing miniatures game has been out for a few years but has started to gain popularity recently. I would expect this to grow as the hype machine surrounding the new Episode 7 The Force Awakens film chunters into full swing. At its heart it’s a combat game. Instead of space marines or phalanx of elven archers, you control spaceships, specifically the intellectual property linked to the Star Wars universe.

The quick start rules see you take on various scenarios, attacking or defending a trade convoy perhaps. Maybe a full on assault on a star destroyer? These missions are pretty cool but, as with all of these types of games, it’s the player driven games where things really shine. Once you’ve gotten used to the combat system you are free to go wild and create your own scenarios… a quick dog fight game or a huge four hour epic space battle with storyline elements. The models come pre-painted and are mostly to a decent standard. Who doesn’t want to fly the Millenium Falcon into battle and blow the heck out of a bunch of X Wings?

“That’s great kid but don’t get cocky.”

You can get this game here.


Community Question: In your opinion, what book/tv/film that doesn’t have a game should get one? What would it look like?

In your opinion what book tv film that doesnt have a game should get one

As always, you can get most of these games from your local gaming store. If one is not in stock then just talk to the person behind the till as I am sure they will be able to order them in for you. Alternatively you can find the on Amazon.

Thanks for reading,

Liam Casserly

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