Evolving Wilds VS Fetch Lands (Video) by Midnight Magic

Evolving Wilds VS Fetch Lands (Video) by Midnight Magic

At Midnight Magic we encourage all of you to start untapping your potential.

Whose side are you on?

Passionate about Magic: The Gathering?

We at Midnight Magic encourage you to express your Magic: the Gathering personality to its full extent. We all know how Magic: The Gathering brings people together, encourages friendly competition, digs deep within our creative abilities and causes debates.

Debates. We all have them. We all have those favorite cards, that we will defend to the earth, even when they are dismissed by other magic players. These can cause fast paced debates and expressions of your own untapped potential, that can sometimes be humorous to watch.

We have two individuals at Midnight Magic, whom regularly have these comedic debates over similar cards. they take the sides so strongly that they are amusing to watch. Bearing this in mind, we chose to feature them within our videos, that we make as part of our Magic: The Gathering themed YouTube channel.

 Our channel is packed full of light heated Magic the gathering sketches, abridged Magic Lore videos, behind the scenes action and fast paced comedic debates, one of which we have featured as part of this article, where Josh and Sam don’t quite see eye to eye over the same card.

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Community Question: In what situations would you play Evolving Wilds over fetch lands in your deck, in Standard?

In what situations would you play Evolving Wilds over Fetch Lands in your deck in Standard

Samantha Pearce

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