Hey everyone. My name is Wedge and I run a MTG YouTube channel called The Mana Source. We produce content daily covering a wide range of Magic news and information.

One of our series, our Altered Art Spotlights, I am particularly excited to share with you. We showcase 3 artists each week, showing you just how talented the MTG community really is. If you haven’t seen our series before, some of these cards are going to blow your mind. I invite you to watch a couple of episodes. You won’t be disappointed, at least with the art!

Community Question: What altered art artist would you like us to feature in our upcoming Altered Art Spotlight videos?

What altered art artist would you like us to feature in our upcoming Altered Art Spotlight videos

Please post sample pictures of the artists work in the comments area if possible.

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This week’s artists!

Modfly Alters – Unglued Lands/ Tasigur


Sarge Co Alters – My Little Pony/ 5NAF


MrShy Paints Cards – Skittles/Dr.Doom


Please let us know what you think below...

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