Journey Into Nyx Fat Pack Review by Kayure Patel

Journey Into Nyx Fat Pack Review by Kayure Patel

Today sees the release of the third expansion in the Theros Block for Magic: The Gathering. The set, Journey into Nyx, concludes the tale of Elspeth in Theros and her battle against Xenagos, God of Revels.

As with Theros and Born of the Gods before it, Journey into Nyx is heavily influenced by Greek mythology and features numerous cards with nods to stories, such as Bearer of Heavens (based on Atlas) and King Macar (based on Midas).

Each main expansion of Magic: The Gathering is accompanied with the release of Intro Decks, Fat Packs and Event Decks, the latter of which will be released later this month.

Journey Into Nyx Fat Pack

Intro packs allow new players to start playing with a pre-built deck and come with two booster packs included, so opening any cards with the same colour as your deck will allow players to immediately strengthen it. Players lucky enough to open the mythic rare God cards will find their win rate increase greatly, as the entire pantheon of Gods have a huge impact on games.

Another cool feature Wizards of the Coast are doing with Journey into Nyx is the ‘God Pack.’ Regular booster packs contain 15 cards; 1 rare or mythic, 3 uncommons and 10 commons and a basic land, however God Packs instead contain 15 mythic rares – one of each God. The chance of obtaining a God Pack is low, but doing so is an incredible prize.

mtg God Packs

New players looking to increase their collection or veterans seeking to complete decks will also be interested in the Fat Pack. Fat Packs contain 9 booster packs, a booklet on the Theros set, a spindown 20sided life dice, 80 basic land and two deck boxes. Each of these items benefits both new and older players in a unique way, as the land and boosters provide necessary resources for both to build their decks, while the deck boxes provide a handy way of carrying them to tournaments or your mate’s house. The spindown life counters are an excellent way of tracking life totals without relying on memory or for when you’re too lazy to grab a pen and paper! If I could recommend one Journey into Nyx based item to purchase, it would definitely be a Fat Pack, it is great value and all upside.

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