Journey into Nyx Event Deck Wrath of the Mortals Review by Kayure Patel

Journey into Nyx Event Deck Wrath of the Mortals Review by Kayure Patel

With every new set, Wizards of the Coast release an Event Deck. These Event Decks are designed for relatively new players looking to make inroads into competitive play by providing a 60 card deck with 15 card sideboard designed to put up a fight at local FNMs and Game Day.

The deck is designed to be played straight out of the box at a more competitive environment than the Intro decks, and as such includes 10 rares compared to the former’s 2. Wrath of Mortals is the Journey into Nyx Event Deck and features an array of blue and red cards with the ability to play an aggressive role or a more controlling one against fast aggro.

What does the deck do?

The core of the deck is the synergy the creatures have with the instant speed damage (burn) spells. Young Pyromancer, Guttersnipe, Spellheart Chimera and Chandra’s Phoenix all reward you for using your spells by providing you with either more power, cheaper spells or a recurring threat. The singleton Ogre Battledriver can create a powerful threat in combination with the Young Pyromancers, as every Elemental will be a 3/1 haste instead of a 1/1.

If the game goes long then Aetherling, one of the most powerful late game threats in recent times, will make you the heavy favourite to win. The two Divinations and Steam Augury will help you draw more burn spells or threats, keeping you ahead when both players’ resources have been depleted.

Journey into Nyx Event Deck Wrath of the MortalsWhat could be improved?

Playing with the deck, the Oracle of Bones seemed weak and would be better served as another Chandra’s Phoenix as a more resilient and cheaper haste threat. The oddest inclusion in the 75 however, is the Anger of the Gods. Every single creature in the deck, with the exception of Aetherling dies to it. Furthermore, it has anti-synergy with Chandra’s Phoenix (exiling it forever) and Young Pyromancer (destroying all tokens). The card would be better served as a second copy of Mizzium Mortars instead.

Aside from the two ‘weak choices’ above, the only other criticism of the Journey into Nyx Event Deck is the lack of value within it. In the past, Event decks have always had a “chase value rare” within them – from the first ever one (Verdant Catacombs) to more recent ones (every deck since the release of Return to Ravnica has contained a rare land or expensive creature). No single card in Wrath of the Mortals is worth more than $2 on the singles market and while this will prevent its price being gouged above the recommended retail price, it also means a similar list can be built without needing to buy the Event Deck. The deck also only contains 2 cards from the new set, despite the new set having a relevant dual land, which (lightning?) strikes me as odd.

So Izzet worth it?

The Journey into Nyx Event Deck, Wrath of the Mortals, goes on sale May 23rd, 2014 – just in time for the Game Day Tournaments that weekend.

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