An Announcement Regarding the Standard Deck Building Competition – Conjured Currency by Christopher Cooper

An Announcement Regarding the Standard Deck Building Competition – Conjured Currency by Christopher Cooper

Hello once again to one and all. This isn’t a long one today, just a brief thank you to all those who’ve entered into the spirit of things and submitted a decklist to us.

We’ve had a brilliant number of entries for this competition, with a wide variety of archetypes represented amongst them. Unfortunately, it will take most of this week for our judges to go through them all and work out who’s got that fantastic first place prize.

However, in the meantime I will let you in on a few snippets on information. There was a fantastic range of budgets on display, from those living life on the edge at £99.99 to those squeezing every last drop of value from their money down to £26.33.

There was a rainbow of colour combinations on display, from mono-colour decks to the colour pairs (for some reason the UG morphs deck was really popular, though each one was very different and used different cards and had different game plans) through the wedges and there was even some very impressive five colour decks, including one that I found rather charming seeing as it used four of each of the five of the available charms.

We also saw a huge swathe of strategies, from the hyper aggressive black, red and Mardu strategies to slow, ponderous control decks fuelled by Jace’s Ingenuity and Divination. There were even a few combo decks throw in too, with Yisan, the Wandering Bard making a few appearances and “ramp into Villainous Wealth” being a hilariously fun-looking game plan.

The sideboards also saw a great amount of variation with different takes on what to do with it. One person went for fifteen Islandsbecause the main deck has enough options already“. Another had a completely transformational sideboard for the control mirror match as they felt that the budget nature of the deck didn’t lend itself well to the mirror against fully powered decks, so decided to attack from a different angle. We had mono-red burn, Mardu aggro, and the brilliantly named “Jeskai Engineer of Doom“.

It has been an absolute pleasure going through all of these fantastic decks and no doubt it will be difficult to find the winning deck from amongst all of them. Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to the competition and for those who shared and liked it on Facebook and other social media.

Community Question: What Standard deck do you like the most right now, and why?

What Standard deck do you like the most right now

Christopher Cooper

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