Cube Draft – Bringing back the bees! (Video) by Efka Bladukas

Cube Draft – Bringing back the bees! (Video) by Efka Bladukas

By the time you’re reading this, Cube drafting season on MTGO is over. But if there’s one thing that we learned from the new iteration of the cube is that the bees are coming. I’m spoiling the draft portion here but I just couldn’t resist announcing that the bees are our new overlords.

In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of Cube and whilst I’m certainly not the best cube drafter around, I do enjoy drafting a completely different deck each time I play. And I have played A LOT of cube lately. Chaining phantom points (which is one way of paying for the cube event entry on MTGO) is very easy. If you go 2-1 in swiss, you get 16 points which is enough to play again. And I can safely say that at least in 50% of my drafts I drafted Hornet Queen. It’s just sooo good.

Anyway, enough of my queen worshipping. Let’s see how I fared in the draft that I recorded.


As you can see, I really didn’t play optimally in Round 1. I do definitely find it hard to focus in cube matches as much as I do when I play regular limited or constructed games. But overall I think I did pretty well and it was certainly enjoyable. And at the end of the day, that’s what I feel cube is all about. Sure, not remembering the clause that you can sac things to power out Greater Gargadon wasn’t very optimal, but I was drawing lands anyway and had very little ability to affect the outcome of that.

And that’s the thing about Cube. There are so many cards to remember and they are often cards you don’t see in competitive formats. It’s very easy to forget how a card works. I think what I am taking away from this is that at the end of the day Cube is a casual format and is about having fun by drafting cooky decks and seeing how they fare. It doesn’t mean that if you’re playing cube you should play suboptimally. But overall I do think that people will try to find a balance there. And I think I found mine. Can’t wait till cube is out on MTGO again.


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