A Pauper Adventure: UR Delver Fiend – Pauper Constructed (Videos) by Efka Bladukas

Modern Mistakes, Thought Processes and Conclusions by Ashley Knox

If you, like me, often struggled with the cost of keeping up with constructed Magic on paper AND online, then you know just how expensive things are. But what if you have that constructed itch that you just want to scratch? What if you want to play a format that’s healthy, vibrant, interesting and has a lot of depth but rather not pay for your decks twice? What if you want to play with cards like Ponder and Pyroblast but don’t want to shell out for a crazy Legacy deck? Well, my friend, your answer is Pauper. I used to play Pauper for some time until Cloudpost decks took everything over and dominated. But WotC has intervened and the key cards in that deck have hit the ban bucket.

Right now the format sees a variety of competitive decks and those spicy pickled brews appear often. So I decided to come back. And in this adventure I have employed the services of some screen capture software and decided to document my plays on video. This is a first in a line of video articles dedicated to showcasing some of the more or less common decks that you might encounter in your Planeswalker journeys in the land of solid black logos (read: commons). The deck for today is UR Delver Fiend, a sort of aggro-combo build centred on Kiln Fiend and Nivix Cyclops being pumped by huge amounts with one mana instants and sorceries. Delver fits naturally in the deck and sometimes a couple of flipped delvers are simply unstoppable. But enough of me gabbing, see how well I did for yourselves.

Kiln Fiend banner

Please maximise the video for a better viewing experience.

Pauper UR Delver Fiend Deck List

Delver of Secrets
Kiln Fiend
Nivix Cyclops
Artful Dodge
Assault Strobe
Faithless Looting
Gitaxian Probe
Apostle’s Blessing
Lightning Bolt
Shadow Rift
Izzet Guildgate


Flame Slash
Flaring Pain


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