The Modern Event Deck Competition: Vote For Your Favourite Finalist!

Introducing: The Modern Event Deck Competition by Dave Shedden

Wow, what a remarkable competition.

Back on 19 May, after Wizards of the Coast announced the contents of their Modern Event Deck (priced at £65), we set our readers a challenge: Can you construct a better Event Deck within the £65 budget?

If we had known how enthusiastically our readers would embrace the idea, we’d have hired a team of temp workers to help sift through the decklists; in reality, we simply decided to skip a fair bit of sleep in pursuit of a judges’ shortlist.

How did the judging go? I hear you ask. Well, here’s the thing…

Too close to call

The quality of our best entries was so strong, we have arrived at a three-way tie.

We considered inventing some kind of spurious tie-breaker mechanic, but that’s not really in the spirit of a community competition. Another answer fits better: let the community decide.

In this article, we’re going to show you the submissions from our three finalists. We want you to weigh up their relative merits, asking yourself:

  1. How competitive do you think the deck looks?
  2. How good an entry point is it into the format – are there staple cards present that will be important parts of a Modern collection, or interactions which it will be important for new players to learn?
  3. How original is the deck? This isn’t the most important point, but as this is a brewing competition, it’s relevant.

Once you’ve mulled over the options, cast your vote on our poll at the foot of the page.

Let’s not waste any more time – onto the first list!

Izzet Delver – Richard Joslin

Richard had this to say about his entry:

“This is a tempo deck that seeks to cast a threat at fast as possible, protect it with counter magic and simultaneously stop your opponent’s game plan. Meanwhile, your threat should quickly kill the opponent.”

The efficient power of Delver of Secrets and Young Pyromancer is core to the strategy, alongside a burn suite which can fight creature battles or attack an opponent’s life total. A flexible counter suite helps the pilot to close down the early game – and against this deck, there’s no guarantee the mid or late game will ever arrive.

One last thing: look at this mana curve! It’s a work of stripped-down beauty.

UR Delver decklist (2)UR Delver decklist (3)UR Delver decklist (4)UR Delver decklist (5)

Assault Loam – Adam Thomas

Assault Loam is a deck that can range from weird beatdown to a controlling, grindy sort of build. This one is between the two, towards the grindy end, with a variety of cheap and fun win condition cards,” explained Adam.

“It has a lot of small synergies – cards like Realms Uncharted and Gargoyle Castle do wonderful things with Life from the Loam, and if you draw the Prismatic Omen you can a) enjoy flawless mana and b) dig for Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and go nuts. Even without Omen, looping an Evolving Wilds (or Ghost Quarter targeting your own lands) to repeatedly search up Mountains gets you up to three free Lightning Bolts in the long game. This deck has a little more money put into the manabase than most intro decks would, but since it’s a Life from the Loam deck and most of those lands do things like attack your opponent or blow stuff up, I think that’s entirely fine…”

Assault Loam decklist (6)Assault Loam decklist (7)Assault Loam decklist (8)Assault Loam decklist (2)Assault Loam decklist (3)Assault Loam decklist (4)Assault Loam decklist (5)

Life & Death – Luke Hoare

Luke presented this deck as a merger of two engine cards: Life from the Loam and Death Cloud.

“All the cards in the deck synergise with these two paradigms,” he told us. 

Whether locking down an opponent’s mana with Ghost Quarter recursion, or sending them to the stone age with a huge Death Cloud, the strategy aims to play a game of resource exhaustion; a game in which its cards will allow it to break the rules and pull ahead over the course of the encounter.

LIfe and Death decklist (2)LIfe and Death decklist (3)LIfe and Death decklist (6)
LIfe and Death decklist (5)

Vote for your favourite

You have just 24 hours from the publication of this post to make your selection. Our winner will be announced on Friday 6 June.

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Please let us know what you think below...

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