Mind Sports International (MSI) – Dark Challenge and You! by Ashley Knox

Mind Sports International (MSI) – Dark Challenge and You! by Ashley Knox

Mind Sports International (MSI) – Dark Challenge kicked-off a new and exciting circuit today, and I thought it’d be a good idea to try grab a moment with Eduardo Sajgalik so he could answer a few of my questions regarding the series.

I was pretty lucky to grab a few minutes with Eduardo so soon after GP Manchester, as he is busy with work and organizing the upcoming Dark Challenge event in Leicester, which takes place on 5th and 6th July 2014.

I’ve been personally interested in these events for some time now, as they allow us as players to finally get a competitive AND social event under one roof. But that’s not all, the really cool thing is that there is also the opportunity for players to wonder around and expand our gaming horizons with the availability of Chess, Scrabble and E-Sports like Hearthstone and Starcraft tournaments on site.

That’s enough from me though, it’s time to hear from the man himself, Eduardo Sajgalik.

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What is Mind Sports International (MSI) and Dark Challenge?

Mind Sports Academy combines a series of live events across the country with online content (which we are currently developing). It includes different Mind Sports, such as Chess, Scrabble, Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone and Starcraft II.

Dark Challenge is a series of independent Magic: The Gathering tournaments, qualifying to an Epic Quest at the end of the season.

What lead you to start the circuit?

Both MSI and Dark Challenge felt there was a hunger for independent cash events in the UK/Europe and that the time was right to launch a series of live events.

MSI and Dark Challenge are mutually supporting each other, with Dark Challenge running qualifiers at every Mind Sports Academy event and MSI providing both venues across the country and the prize pool for the Grand Final.

Where do you see this in the future?

Past the 1st year, we are hoping that this will grow into a strong independent circuit, where local shops can apply to run their own qualifiers and an expansion across Europe.

On top of that, the Dark Challenge team is looking to supply exclusive goodies for future events, such as tokens and play mats.

How do you feel these events will effect our UK Magic community?

Personally, this fills a current void between local store play (up to FNM) and premier level play (PTQs / GPs) that exists in the country. There is definitely space for mid-level events with decent cash prizes that allow players to try their hands at a competitive setting and at a local level.

Practice tends to make perfect so yes, offering Magic tournaments of this caliber will improve player strength

Eduardo, could you finish us off with a quote?

“The beauty of mind sports is that they do not require expensive equipment or rely on physical ability. They can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, promoting equality and intellectual development.”

MSI Dark Challenge Tournament

Thanks for reading, I’ll be continuing the series and looking forward to meeting you all in Leicester which you can find more information about here.

To sign up as a member you can find all the information you need on the main website.


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