8-0 with Amulet Combo (Modern) by David Hassell

8-0 with Amulet Combo (Modern) by David Hassell

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m writing about GP Manchester – specifically a side event – Championship Modern. I turned up with Amulet Combo, a deck made (slightly) famous by Matthias Hunt.

He has already explained the basics of the deck, so I’m going to assume you know how it works in this article.

Here’s my decklist, I will go through some of the card choices with you.

Amulet Combo

Azusa, Lost but Seeking
Primeval Titan
Simian Spirit Guide
Pact of Negation
Serum Visions
Slaughter Pact
Summer Bloom
Summoner’s Pact
Hive Mind
Amulet of Vigor
Boros Garrison
Cavern of Souls
City of Brass
Gemstone Mine
Gruul Turf
Kabira Crossroads
Kessig Wolf Run
Khalni Garden
Selesnya Sanctuary
Simic Growth Chamber
Slayers’ Stronghold
Tendo Ice Bridge
Tolaria West


Thrun, the Last Troll
Path to Exile
Slaughter Pact
Seal of Primordium
Chalice of the Void
Crucible of Worlds
Engineered Explosives
Bojuka Bog
Ghost Quarter

The Changes To Amulet Combo

OK so the main differences between my list to the many others you’ll see are:

Khalni Garden + Kabira Crossroads vs 2 Glimmerpost – So, I tested Glimmerpost for a few games. I do like that they come into play untapped. It was also the first time I had 28 land in my deck rather than 27. I was much happier at 28, and decided that would be the land count I’d run.

However, after testing online, I was just hating the Jund matchup. As a result, I brought in a Bojuka Bog (to fight Goyf) into the main with Kabira Crossroads. Then after looking at it closely, I’d realised that Khalni Garden just did more in that same slot, offering a chump blocker, something to sac to Liliana of the Veil, and produced green mana. Bojuka Bog back to the sideboard, and Glimmerposts out.

Kessig Wolf RunKessig Wolf Run vs Sunholme, Fortress of the Legion – Sunholme is great when you have 2 Amulets… but then, what isn’t!

I wanted a card that was much better when we’re not king of the world. Kessig can be searched up with no Amulet in play, and be effective the next turn. With Khalni Garden now in the main – swinging with a Titan and fetching Kessig + Gardens means the opponent has 2 threats to deal with.

Path to Exile vs a 3rd Firespout – I found that Twin was a bit frustrating and difficult to beat, and Zoo has some 4 toughness guys. In addition, I had the Jund matchup in mind. I didn’t like Firespout being used to kill a Bob – Path does it for less mana, and can also take out the dreaded Tarmogoyf.

Crucible of Worlds vs 3rd Hive Mind – Guess what I was thinking here – JUND. The opponent’s Liliana forces you to discard, so you can ditch a bounceland. In your turn, you play it from the graveyard, and bounce itself back to your hand. You’ve lost your land drop for the turn, but Lili is doing nothing to your hand size.

In addition, it’s great against Tectonic Edge and Fulminator Mage when you’re trying to get to 6 mana. Whilst that is all great in theory, I’ve not drawn into it often. Further testing is needed.

Simian Spirit Guide (SSG) vs Ancient Stirrings – I played with Stirrings for many moons, but SSG just gives you the crazy hands – and who doesn’t like a bit of crazy! Often when you are searching for stuff, it’s actually Summer Bloom or kill-cards you need, and Stirrings can’t find those. SSG can make you a full turn quicker in certain situations. It’s a decent card, but the first to go if you want to try something new.

The Tournament

Image by Anna Przywecka
Image by Anna Przywecka

Moving onto the sunny day itself now! This is the first time I’d played a large event (more than 30 players, more than 5 rounds), and I have to say, it’s hard work! My memory of the matchups is not 100%, so I’ll try highlight the key points, what to look for in your hand and what to sideboard.

Round 1 vs Melira Pod

OK, so the first round was against Melira Pod. Luckily for me, I’d seen him shuffle and saw a lonely Kitchen Finks. I put him on Pod straight away, and decided I needed a fast hand.

Any hand without either Summer Bloom or Azusa would be mulliganed, and sufficient lands need to be in hand too (a Summer Bloom without land is pretty useless). Amulet is not key, as they have main deck hate, and a Titan hand is better than a Hive Mind hand (they can pay for Pacts quite easily).

Sideboard here would be:

Firespout-2 Hive Mind
-2 Pact of Negation
-1 Cavern of Souls
-1 Azusa, Lost but Seeking
-1 Simian Spirit Guide
+1 Bog/Quarter (Bog vs witness, Quarter vs Gavony Township)
+1 Thragtusk
+1 Thrun
+1 Slaughter Pact
+1 Path
+2 Firespout

Notice how I’ve left out Seals – you don’t need to take them off POD that much. Instead keep them off key creatures and be quick. Thoughtseize can be an issue, but they don’t put a lot of pressure on. Keep the board as clear as you can and you’ll win the match.

The first game went to plan, being too quick and dropping a Titan. I would always recommend chaining up Tolaria West with Simic Growth Chamber here. If they answer Titan, get another. If you’re scared of their combo, go get a Slaughter Pact.

In game 2, I was extremely lucky. I went with the Tolaria West + Simic off a Titan attack, and transmuted for a Slaughter Pact, as they had a Finks in play and cards in hand. The opponent then killed my Titan… I was left with nothing, oops!

I topped a Firespout, cleared the way and Slaughter Pact-ed the Finks to finish it off entirely, and so we both were in topdeck mode. I found a Titan before he could find anything of use, and I was 2-0 up.

Round 2 vs I’m not sure yet…

Amulet of Vigor Combo Banner

So, I talked about crazy hands earlier – well, it happened here. Turn 1 – SSG played an Amulet. Simic Growth bounced itself, giving 2 mana, and playing a Bloom. I bounced 3 more times and played a Titan, fetched Slayer’s Stronghold + Boros Garrison, swing for 8 and grab 2 more land.

Opponent smiles and shows his mate the board. The guy sat next to me says “So, you like playing Solitare then!” I pass the turn, the opponent plays a Gitaxian Probe for a laugh then concedes.

I wish he hadn’t have Probed though, I was now scared he was on Storm. It’s a bad matchup made worse by Blood Moon.


+4 Seal,
+1 Chalice
+1 Bojuka bog
-1 Khalni Garden
-1 Slaugher Pact
-2 Hive Mind
-2 Pact of Negation

Turns out, he was Twin. The Seals stopped him combo-ing, but I wouldn’t normally choose that route. Creature kill is better than enchantment kill against Twin, especially if they don’t have Blood Moon in their 75. Why? Well, if they’d don’t draw Twin, and just go beatdown, Seal becomes a dead draw. The creature kill is always relevant.

Firespout though, isn’t good here. They’re instant speed, and Tarmogoyf + Deceiver Exarch dodge it.

G2 went longer, but the Seal kept him off combo and eventually I managed to resolve a Titan and win.

Round 3 vs Pod

This was another blow out, not much to say. In Game 2, an Aven Mindcensor tries to upset us. However, the 28 lands in the deck make it hard to miss from a Titan. It makes Summoner’s Pact not an option, but the Titan is still a 6/6 trample, so we’re still good.

Another 2-0 win against a really nice guy, we’re all having fun so far today!

Round 4 vs Affinity

Primeval Titan banner

This was a matchup I was fearing. They’re quicker than us most of the time. In G1, he kept a hand of 3 lands, 2 Ravager, 1 Plating and an Ornithopter. It sounds scary, but it’s just too slow. They deal 4 damage on turn 3, so it means I have until turn 4-5 to either win or solidify. I was quicker than him, and took an easy win.


-2 Hivemind
-2 Pact of Negation,
-2 Azusa
-1 Cavern of souls
+1 Engineered Explosives
+ 2 Firespout
+ 3 Seals
+ 1 Ghost Quarter

Slaughter Pact is an option, but I was worried he played a Blood Moon in his list. He didn’t, so -2 Seal came out game 3 for a Slaughter Pact and a Path.

Torpor OrbG2, I kept a poor hand. It wasn’t quick enough (Azusa into Titan for T4 Titan), and really shouldn’t have kept it. He played a Torpor Orb whilst beating me down, and that was that.

G3, I mulled to this – Khlani Garden, Forest, G Pact, Titan, Amulet, Amulet. So as you can see; it’s a hasted Titan on T3 if I draw a bounce land. If I don’t, it’s just pants.

I kept it, because I didn’t see myself drawing something better with 5, and there’s 9 bouncelands in the deck. I played the Forest and Amulet and passed. He started nice and fast, dropping some guys.

Turn 2, I draw another Amulet! I play both (so 3 in play) and passed back.

Next top deck, I draw a Serum Visions and he puts me 1 turn away from lethal.

I topdeck the sacred bounceland… Pact for Azusa, make some mana, play a Titan, make more mana, transmute a Tolaria West (off the Titan search), get a G Pact, make another Titan, get another Tolaria + bounce, make another Titan (at this stage, with all the bounce triggers, I have 21 mana) – I search up the Slayer’s Stronghold and Boros Garrison, use the 3 Amulet triggers to give all 3 haste and swing (I then fetch 5 bounce lands, make 30 mana and grab Kessig Wolf Run to give +28 dmg to the already 24 swinging total).

I had 3 draws to find the bounceland, and sure enough, it came on the 3rd.

Round 5 – Melira Pod

This guy was 1 of the nicest players I’ve met, great fun playing him. He had good knowledge of my deck, and that made for an interesting game. But, I was just too quick. Turn 2 Titan in G1.

In Game 2, a Titan does some work, and gets him close to lethal. He has a turn to find an answer, but I have just searched Kessig + Khalni. He needs to kill my titan AND the token. He has a Chord of Calling for 4, so can fetch Phyrexian Metamorph, make a Titan, or a Redcap and kill the token. Either way, he’s lost. Thanks Kessig + Khalni, my new inclusions win me a game 😀

Round 6 – UWR Control

Vendilion Clique banner

I knew he was playing UWR control as I was sat next to him on the round before. So, I’m looking for Hive Mind hands, Tolaria Wests for utility and Cavern of SoulsYou don’t need to throw out an Amulet and hope a ">Summer Bloom resolves. Keep the slower hands.

He just played lands in the first 3 turns, so I decided to follow suite. At the end of my T3, he drops a Vendilion Clique, and moves a card away. Slightly annoying, and now I’m on a clock. However, I have a good hand. I transmute the Tolaria West into a Cavern of Souls, and instantly he’s in trouble.

It’s turn 6 before I can land the Titan though, and at that point, I’m down to 9 life and he still has the Clique. So, I search up Kabira Crossroads + Vesuva for 4 life. Next turn I drop an Azusa, swing with the Titan, get 2 bounce lands and start bouncing the Kabira/Vesuva with Azusa for life.

The next 3-4 turns continue, he has Paths, I play a G-Pact. He has Snapcaster (for Path), I have U Pact. He swings, I bounce Kabira and replay it as gaining 10 life this game.

I’m battling to keep threats on the board and keep out of Bolt range, he’s battling to stop me. Eventually a Titan gets a Kessig rather than a bounceland, and when the Titan is dealt with, the Azusa is left to run in and deal lethal with the Kessig.


-3 Simian Spirit Guide
-2 Azusa, lost but Seeking
-1 Khalni Gardens
+1 Thrun
+1 Thragtusk
+1 Chalice of the Void
+1 Ghost Quarter
+1 Crucible of Worlds

G2, he misses some land drops. I play out high impact spells – turn 4 I get a Chalice on 2. The following turn, I play a Thragtusk which he Paths (and comments on how annoying it is)! I then swing with the 3/3 token, and he drops a Restoration Angel to block. I have U-Pact in hand, but I let it resolve – he’s now tapped out. I play Hive Mind followed by G-pact and win on turn 6.

Round 7 vs U-Tron / Gifts

iona shield of emeria banner

G1 we both play slow, as we should. Again, look for the more controlling hands that have options, not aggressive fast hands. I have a B-Pact in hand all game, and when he gifts at end of my turn 4, and reanimates Iona on turn 5, he calls green. I wait until my turn, he’s tapped out… I play a B-Pact, and remove SSG to play a Titan. It’s still not over, but the value I get from the Titan is enough to get me across the line.

G2, I sideboard similar to the UWR Control match, but bring in Bog for Crossroads, and bring an extra Slaughter Pact for another Azusa. Retrospectively, that should have been a Path instead.

In this game, he misses some land drops again, and I don’t. But, I don’t want to give him stuff to do. Remand and Repeal both let him draw, so I just do nothing.

It may have been turn 6-7 before any action happens. I get a Titan in play (thanks, Cavern of Souls) and fetch a Ghost Quarter and Bojuka Bog. He gifts for value, and I give him a path and a tron land. He paths my Titan, but I can grab another. He plays his 2nd tron land, and I Ghost Quarter.

We’re back to square one, but I have mana open. I get another Titan into play, this time he gifts for Iona and reanimate. He reanimates, and after much thinking, calls “black”. It’s a great play, because I’ve topdecked both slaughter pacts. Luckily, I’ve got Kessig and just swing and pump up Titan when he blocks on his Iona. I get more lands, which means more Titans, and eventually get across the line.

Round 8 – Melira Pod

Melira combo banner

I was 7-0 but the opponent I was playing was on 6-0-1, so I still needed a win. I was feeling the pressure, as this was new territory for me (infact, at 5-0, every game was new territory).

Luckily for me though, I’m playing against Pod again, and my nerves quickly calm down. A few deep breathes help me a bit further, but when a Sin Collector rips my Summoner’s Pact and leaves me with a hand of nothing, my legs start shaking under the table again!

But in the end, Titan is just too strong for Melira, and I get across the line when I next find a Titan.

Don’t tell the missus

GP Manchester 2014 1

I win the tournament having dropped just 1 game all day. Having hoped for a 5-3 or better record at the start of the day, I left 8-0 and a few boosters better off! It’s the first Modern tournament of any size I’ve played in, and I was delighted to do so well.

The main thing I learnt throughout my first major tournament – don’t tell your significant other if you win – mine had spent the winnings on new shoes before I had even got home!

I would finally like to add that the event was an excellent day out. I had a lot of fun thanks to my opponents – met some really great people. The judges also added to the positive atmosphere, and without them, the event just doesn’t happen.

Happy gaming folks 🙂

Dave Hassell

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