Modern PTQ 2014 – UK Dates & Information for Pro Tour “Huey” in Hawaii

PTQ Nagoya – Nottingham Sunday 20th February 2001 by Dave Sissions

Pro Tour: “Huey” in Honolulu, Hawaii

PTQ Format: Modern


Full information of each PTQ will be made added as and when they become available.


Currently the UK dates and locations are:

  • Saturday 7th June – Belfast
  • Sunday 15th June – Amersham
  • Saturday 21st June – Dundee
  • Saturday 5th July – Cardiff
  • Sunday 27th July – Milton Keynes
  • Saturday 16th August – Manchester
  • Saturday 23rd August – Liverpool

2014 MTG PTQ Seasons

For the complete events listing of all Magic the Gathering tournaments in the UK, please check out the UK Magic Calendar. For PTQs only information, please click here.

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