The Alternative (art) Scene – mtgUK MTG Altered Art Competition!

The Alternative (art) Scene – mtgUK MTG Altered Art Competition!

12 Months ago, I started a group on Facebook. There’s nothing special about that, lots of people do.

This group came out of a conversation regarding altered cards on one of the mtgUK trading groups and in just under 12 months we have attracted over 1,400 members, and a large pool of talent. Including quite recently one of the original MTG artists.

My intention for this group would be to be a place where people could share and showcase fan art and alters and I have not been disappointed. But it’s now more than that, people have been joining to commission our artists for specific alters.

Just before Christmas last year one of our members suggested some kind of alter competition on a theme, so I thought up a reasonable challenge and a prize (to be a featured artist for a fortnight). I asked for submissions regarding what your local area has contributed to the world, painted on the card Farseek. I was not disappointed:

Brian Byrd
Daniel Kentsch
Daniel Kentsch
Emma Brownsea
Emma Brownsea
Jonas Sozialrecht
Jonas Sozialrecht
Sasan Mottaghipour
Sasan Mottaghipour
Иво (Wotan) Константинов
Иво (Wotan) Константинов

Understandably, I was blown away by the response to the quality and response, the winner was decided by a Poll on the group itself and Emma won. She was the group’s first “Featured Fortnight” artist.


The Rack of Lamb

I decided to do it again just after the new year.

The rules were simple enough:

  • Each competition has a theme and sometimes a specific card to alter.
  • The competition would run for 2 weeks and I would accept submissions for that time via PM.
  • Once submissions were closed I would post the alters and a poll asking the alters community which one they like the best.

And the winner gets pinned to the top of the page for two weeks.

For the second competition, mtgUK offered an additional prize, and that was for a feature here, on mtgUK itself!

Our second winner, and the first mtgUK Featured artist is Alex Gervacio. Please check out Alex’s Facebook page here.

This time the theme was Food and again we had some strong submissions but Alex won with “the Rack of Lamb”

ALex Gervacio “Rack of Lamb”

Alex is a relative new comer to the alters scene, but the quality and humor within the above image really speaks volumes about the creativity of the artist. If you wish to commission him, he can be found on the MTG Altered Cards and Artwork Community.


The mtgUK MTG Altered Art Competition!

MTG Altered Cards and Artwork Community Banner

As I mentioned above, I started the group Eleven and a Half months ago and we have another Featured Fortnight place up for grabs.  So without further ado, I would like to announce the next competition.

The Theme: Party time (Cake, Presents and Party Hats)

The group turns 1 year old within the next month, and once again I will be accepting submissions for the next two weeks. Please message me your submissions on Facebook here.

The Prize: A Two week Feature on the Group and an article to showcase your artwork here.

Usual rules apply, the winner will be decided by the popular vote.

Useful UK Magic The Gathering Facebook Groups & Forums here.

Best of Luck!



Please let us know what you think below...

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