From the Vault: Twenty Review by Kayure Patel

From the Vault: Twenty Review by Kayure Patel

From the Vault: Twenty is a special edition product released by Wizards of the Coast to celebrate twenty years of Magic: the Gathering. Contained within it are twenty premium foil edition cards, each one taken from a Championship winning deck from each year in Magic’s History.

The premise is excellent and the cards themselves look spectacular. The foiling process is different to those found in regular booster packs; they are much shinier and far more representative of their ‘collector’s edition’ status. The packaging for the set is also well executed, with a sturdy box and an informative card information sheet detailing the reasoning behind each card’s inclusion. The box also contains a special edition spin down dice, which is easily one of the best looking dice WotC has released.

Before we delve into the cards, one disappointment is to be noted; there are no enchantments. FTV includes creatures, instants, sorceries, artifacts, a land and a planeswalker, but no enchantments or tribal cards. While WOTC no longer intend to print any tribal cards, enchantments are a widely supported card type and it is very surprising to see none in the set, especially with the huge number of important enchantments in Magic’s history.

When looking at the cards in the set, I’ll be rating them (out of 5) on their importance to Magic and their artwork, given that the former is the basis for their inclusion and the latter because we Magic players can be a shallow bunch.

Flick through the slides for each card.

From the Vault Twenty Review

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