The Spirit of Giving: Brew decks, win prizes with

The Spirit of Giving: Brew decks, win prizes with

The Spirit of Giving: Brew decks; win prizes!

Ho-ho-ho, my merry magicians!

Out there in the real world, Christmas is everywhere. Retailers cram their shelves with gift-fodder galore; the warehouses of the world work overtime, picking and packing and shipping the fruits of online shopping all over the globe; music channels play the jingling hits of yesteryear on infinite repeat.

The obligatory mythological reference.
The obligatory mythological reference.

It would be a shame if the Magic community was left out, wouldn’t it? That’s why we’re going all-out to bring seasonal spirit to the pack-cracking, card-shuffling regions of your life as well.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Give us your Brew

Later in this article, I’m going to give you three assignments. They’ll all follow this simple format.

Challenge format

I’m inviting you to submit a brew for one or more of these assignments – as many as you feel inspired to tackle, but only one brew for each. Your brew should contain the card specified in column one, exclude cards referenced in column two and meet the standard set in column three.

Once you’re settled on your decklists, email them to or use our Contact Us page. Please put “Deck mtgUK Competition” in the subject line. We’ll only be accepting entries until midnight on Sunday 15 December, so you’ll need to be quick!

Step 2: We ponder the brews

I’ll put my head together with the team at and pick out a shortlist of the very best brews. Here’s the criteria we’ll be using:

Judging criteria

We’ll whittle them down to a Top 3, one from each assignment, then finally pick a winner. As tough as I imagine it will be to separate all your fabulous, crackpot creations from one another, our decision will be final.

Step 3: We give out Prizes

Once we’ve reached our decision, we’ll be awarding prizes.

The winner will get a gift from me: the fabulous Eternal Bargain deck which I reviewed earlier this year, pre-sleeved and ready to go.

The two runners up will each receive a Holiday Gift Box, courtesy of


We’ll announce the results on Wednesday 18 December, then get those prizes in the post as quickly as we reasonably can. Hopefully, the lucky winners will have them in time for the holidays.

Ready to play?

Assignment one: The most beautiful deck in the world.

Assignment 1

I love elegant, graceful, imaginative card illustrations; I also love drawing cards. By this standard, Etched Oracle is the most beautiful card in the history of the world. Build me a Modern deck in which every single non-land card looks great and draws a card, but which still has a reliable route to victory.

Assignment two: The contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel

Assignment 2

Is there anything so remarkable as a machine almost beyond comprehension in its workings? Despite appearing narrow and strange, a card like Salvaging Station has the capacity to become a powerful cog in something ornate and glorious. Build me a Legacy deck which can create as many different repeatable effects, game states and win conditions as possible using only artifact cards (including lands).

Assignment three: This way lies Madness

Assignment 3

It’s not about the MONEY… it’s about sending a MESSAGE. Build me a Modern deck which will take your opponents directly to hell, while you laugh maniacally from the fire-lit shadows.

Over to you – go brew up a masterpiece!

I’m excited to see what you beautiful lunatics will invent for us. Remember, you only have until midnight on Sunday 15 December… so get your entries in to as soon as possible for your chance to win some fabulous cardboard loot.

Want to discuss with other Magic players about decks and deck ideas? Join the mtgUK Deck Ideas & Development Discussions Facebook group!

I don’t know about you, but I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas.



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