UK PTQ Dates & Information for Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx

2011 Pro Tour Honolulu Qualifiers – PTQ Honolulu Schedule

UK PTQ Dates & Information for Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx (Atlanta, USA)


Qualifying for: PT Journey Into Nyx (Atlanta, USA)
Format: Standard

All of these dates are Saturdays.

07 Dec 2013 — Belfast (The Little Board Game Café) – Facebook Event Here
14 Dec 2013 — Manchester (FanBoy3)
21 Dec 2013 — Cardiff (Firestorm Games) Event Info Here
11 Jan 2014 — Maidstone (Gordian Knot Games) – Facebook Event Here
25 Jan 2014 — Dundee (Highlander Games) – Facebook Event Here

*** Born of the Gods becomes Standard legal 07 Feb 2014 ***

15 Feb 2014 — Sheffield (Patriot Games) – Facebook Event Here
08 Mar 2014 — Stansted (Xtreme Trades) – Facebook Event Here


For the complete events listing of all Magic the Gathering tournaments in the UK, please check out the UK Magic Calendar.

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