Magic Related – LOL Fun Corner by Ruairidh Macdonald

M14 Sealed Pre-release Event & Deck Tech and Set Observations by Ruairidh Macdonald

Magic Related – LOL Fun Corner

Take a break from intense Magic strategy guides, deck techs and tournament reports. I have a ‘LOL Fun Corner’ for you to put your plane trodden boots up, peruse and relax.

The first contestant on the show is…


Magic Card – Celebrity Look-a-Likes!

Sean Connery – Odric, Master Tactician 

Odric Sean Connery

Taking a break from Miss Moneypenny to suit up and kick some ass! (when at least three other creatures attack).

Reckless Waif – Scarlett Johanssen

Scarlett Reckless Waif

She sure is a looker, but make sure you cast a spell every turn if you get the chance to meet her!

Nicholas Cage – Skinshifter 

Nicholas Cage Skinshifter

I think it’s the straight nose that does it for me. As in, what looks similar.

Not in that way.

Descendant of Kiyomaro – ‘Bob’ from The Last Samurai 

Descendant of Bob

 When watching The Last Samurai I was thinking that I’d seen him before…

Sin Collector – The witch from Tangled

sin-collector Tangled

That hideous hair! Now we know why Sin Collector wears the hood.

Voldermort – Torture

Voldemort Torture pic

I wish Voldemort was a card.

Prince Zuko from Avatar, the Last Airbender – Nameless Race

Prince Zuko Nameless Race

Wizards of the coast do have copyright infringement laws, right?

Joven – Eric Powell from 16Volt 

Eric Powell Joven

Wow. Legendary creatures sure have got better these days. And nice tats’ brah!

Darth Maul – Johan 

Johan Darth Maul

Anyone else think his death was a bit lame? A total badass for the whole movie and then ‘chop’ and falls down a big hole. Actually, it is best I do not speak about Episodes 1-3.

I feel the rage gauge filling!

Echo Mage – Vladimir MCcrary (as Aknot from The 5th Element) 

Echo Mage Vladimir MCcrary

I have heard people refer to Echo Mage as Samuel Jackson. Personally I think this is more accurate!

Gatherer Whack

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘googlewhack’ then please read up on this oddity here.

The premise is: as minimal search parameters as possible to output only one hit.

While researching this I found out a few interesting facts.

Noggin Whack

1. They have not yet printed a 2/2 for two mana with no abilities (Grisly Bears) in Red or Blue.

2. Lifelink is actually a new ability for Black, dating from M10.

3. Blue has only one, one mana 2/2 (Phantasmal Bear)

4. Blue has only one creature with deathtouch (Vectis Silencers)

5. Red and White have been super greedy with double strike. There is only one blue and black results (Jodah’s Avenger & Crypt Champion* respectively). Green still has NONE!

*Part of an infinite combo involving Saffi Eriksdotter.

It’s comforting to see how consistant they have been with card design over the years. That is not to say they haven’t implemented some changes. Recently we saw ‘looting’ be married into red. Now it feels so natural and logical that it is a blue/red ability.

Give the ‘gatherwhack’ a bash, but if you search for ‘filibuster’ then you are just a bit of a fun sponge aren’t you?


Googley Eyes

Googley Eyes 01

Googley Eyes 02

These just crack me up! If it wasn’t for the fact that they would visible through the card and would shuffle like a ham sandwich, we would all be playing with these.

Humourously enough, Gatecrash supplied us with an automatically googly eyes creature in the form of Smog Elemental.


Token Cutting

Time and money. Unfortunately I have none of the latter, but I do have some time on my hands. I saw a few of these on the internet a while back and decided to convert most of my token collection. They do not photo well, but trust me- they look sweet.

Soldier 3d Token

Soldier Token Layers

Here’s a couple I did earlier (Bluepeter style suckas!)

Elephant Human 3d Tokens

All you need is a Stanley Knife, a cutting board (I used an upside coaster that was conveniently layered with cork), and heap of time. 

Assemble the legion

Assemble the legion! Wait a second…


Booster Opening Quiz

Cracking a booster is a bit like gambling. There is a far higher chance of opening cards worth less than the booster cost, and yet we still buy them from time to time. Using them for drafts is by far the most efficient mode, as you get a pile of fun and a chance at picking the best card. If you do have a few boosters from a FNM or a tournament, don’t just rip em’ open. Take them home and give them to a friend/partner and get them to do it. Have them say the name of a card or the abilities/stats and you can then dazzle and amaze them by flaunting your detailed knowledge of the set!

Or just suicide draft! For those of you that do not know:

You crack a pack and remove the token without looking at any of the cards. You shuffle in two basic lands of each type and play a game of one on one with an opponent who has just done the same. Winner takes all!

I do hear that this is the best way to lose a Foil Sword of Light and Shadow to the crafty shopkeep, but those could just be rumours.


Bargain Bin – The Stand In’s


What are ya buying? What are ya selling?

I propose to you some money saving replacements for iconic (and expensive!) cards you just can’t justify investing in. As it happens, split cards keep cropping up for this task. They are that versatile!

1.Glimpse of Nature£24.99

Beck // Call£0.99

Beck actually has the advantage of having synergy with Forbidden Orchard and Dryad Arbor! Which are also not cheap. Damn!
Beck does catch all creatures entering though, so any creatures that get returned, blinked or even a token generator will trigger it.

2. Glimpse the Unthinkable£19.99

Breaking // Entering£0.49

Trade two cards for a £19.50 saving? Yes I will thank you very much! Plus the bonus of being a sick top deck late game!

3. Reanimate£6.95

Life // Death£0.49

Reanimate is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be. Regardless, the saving is there if you want it. It can still be done turn one with a Dark Ritual, though if you are playing competitively you’ll have to stick with Reanimate so that you can Cabal Therapy them also.

Turn one Iona, Shield of Emeria – fun times!


4. Remand£9.99

Fire // Ice£0.99

Okay, so this one is a little bit of tenuous. The point I making here is that most of the time Remand is there to buy you an extra turn. Ice can do the same function by tapping down one of their land during their upkeep, keeping them off casting Tarmogoyf on the second turn. Includes the solid upside of being able to kill a Deathrite Shaman with Fire or…two Dark Confidant‘s*!

*Live the dream

Worst case scenario: you nug them for 2 dmg or cycle it. Fine! It’s not Remand! But it is cheaper. Sleep on it.

Big Lebowski Comboy


That about wraps it all up!

I hope you folks all enjoyed yourselves, catch you later on down the trail.

Till next time nerds!



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