A Guide to the Cardiff Mind Sports Festival – Magic: The Gathering

A Guide to the Cardiff Mind Sports Festival – Magic: The Gathering

A Guide to the Cardiff Mind Sports Festival – Magic: The Gathering


I am glad as a member of the Mind Sports International team to offer you a spectacular event this September, in Cardiff. This is going to be a huge event so please take some time to read below on what you can expect from what we will ensure is a fantastic week-end.

Cardiff Mind Sports Festival

The Cardiff Mind Sports Festival will include the National Scrabble Championship, Rapid Chess tournaments, and a number of exhibitors on site from the world of Mind Sports, along with a free play area for you to try a number of different games featured at the Festival.

Entry into the Festival is free, and you can even watch the live streaming here.

For the complete Mind Sports International Guide to Cardiff, please click here – MSI Cardiff – Guide


Millennium Stadium Conference Center

Millennium Stadium Conference Facilities. You will be able to enter through the Riverside Terrace (3rd floor). You can find more information on how to get to the venue here.

What’s on offer?

  • A RTR Team Sealed tournament on Saturday the 14thof September with £2100 in cash prizes, with the top 4 teams qualifying to a future Starcitygames Invitational. As a bonus, the top 2 teams will play in the unique Modern Masters Team Draft finals!
  • A Standard tournament on Sunday the 15th of September with £2000 in cash prizes, with the top 4 players qualifying to a future Starcitygames Invitational.
  • A “win-a-mox” Vintage tournament on Saturday the 14th of September at 3:00 pm, with 1st place receiving a Mox Emerald. This event is run in conjunction with Patriot Games Leeds.
  • A Legacy tournament on Sunday the 15th of September starting at 1:30pm featuring in prizes 5 FTV sets (including FTV: Twenty and 4 Force of Will for the winner), more high profile legacy staples and store credit – prizes are courtesy of XtremeTrades and Patriot Games Leeds.
  • All players playing in either the Team Sealed or Standard tournament will receive (guaranteed for the first 400 sign-ups): 1 MSI patch, 1 MSI Pen, 1 MSI notepad, 1 SCG Lifepad, 1 SCG IQ Dice, 1 month of SCG Premium.
  • Loads of 8-man events on demand, including win-a-box constructed, booster drafts in RTR, M14 and MMA plus team drafts if you are so inclined. Every entry into a side event will give you a ticket entering you into a raffle for some extra prizes! On-demand side events are run by Firestorm Games.
Cardiff Mind Sports Festival - Goodies Pen and Scorepads
Get all these goodies when registering for either Elite SCG IQs in Cardiff!

How to register?

  1. Go on: http://www.cardiffmindsportsfestival.com/#tab-EventSchedule
  2. Choose either “Elite SCG IQ RTR Team Sealed” or “Elite SCG IQ Standard”. Enter your DCI Number and the Store where you regularly play.
  3. You can then add the other tournament if you wish or complete the payment. Credit Card will be the quickest – alternatively, you can do a wire transfer at a later date (you’ll be given a reference code).

Win a free draft promotion!

The Team / Player who wins one of the Elite SCG IQs will have a box of Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash and Dragon’s Maze sent to their store. The store will then be able to run a draft with these boosters for their players – we will insist with the store that this should be done for free for their loyal customers, up to a maximum of 32 players (to allow for some prize support).

For Mind Sports International, this is our way of making the stores and the players who could not attend part of the event and cheering for their local heroes as we approach the finals.

return to ravnica block boosters


We have a number of great rooms at the nearby Park Inn in the Cardiff City Centre for those who want to have an upgrade on their week-end. Double room are £89 a night for double occupancy, wifi and breakfast. Please note these are limited!

Information here: http://www.cardiffmindsportsfestival.com/#tab-Hotel


We have travel information available here: http://www.cardiffmindsportsfestival.com/#tab-Travel. Trains from Manchester and London will arrive into Cardiff Central on time for the event. If you come from London by train on Saturday morning and wish to take part in the Team Sealed, please note you have to pre-register as we will have closed registration by the time you arrive.

Please note you have a 0.7 mile walk from the train station to the event hall – https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=cardiff+millennium+stadium&rlz=1C1YBKB_enGB529GB529&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl


Why is the entry fee £24.27 or £87.38?

Most players will pay for this event by Credit Card – with the 3% charge, this comes to exactly £25 and £90 on our website!

What is the entry fee for the side events?

The Vintage and Legacy tournaments are £15.

modern masters booster boxAll 8-man side events are £12, with the exception of MMA draft at £25 and Team Drafts at £45 per team.

Why pre-register?

By pre-registering, you guarantee your entry into the tournament, ensure you get goodies for the event, help make the tournaments smoother and save a cool £3 per person. Plus, it ensures that if you have absolutely any delays in your journey that you can join the event in the nick of time.

Why are the Vintage / Legacy tournaments not Bazaar of Moxen trials?

We are planning for them to be – the application just has not been processed yet!

What if we run a Games Club rather than a store and win the free draft?

As long as your Games Club is affiliated with a store, this is fine.

Who can I buy my cards from?

Patriot Games Leeds and XtremeTrades will be on site to sell Singles and accessories. Please note that while trades are fine, we will not allow player to player card sales.

I want more information on these events!

Please check the Event schedule or our forums, which should have all the event information you need: http://forum.mindsportsinternational.com/yaf_topics45_Magic–The-Gathering.aspx

What should I do now?

Register to the event here asap! – http://www.cardiffmindsportsfestival.com/#tab-EventSchedule

Like Mind Sports International – https://www.facebook.com/MindsportsInternational

Follow Mind Sports International – https://twitter.com/MindSportsIntl

RSVP, Like and Share our event on Facebook: Saturday Team Sealed – https://www.facebook.com/events/140811182783746/

RSVP, Like and Share our event on Facebook: Sunday Standard Constructed – https://www.facebook.com/events/585277228162407/

You can watch the Mind Sports International Live Streaming here – http://www.mindsportstv.com/magic

For the complete Mind Sports International Guide to Cardiff, please click here – MSI Cardiff – Guide

Side Events!

Friday South vs North 2 Football Match (Friday 13th at 8pm)

MSI Cardiff Magic South vs North 2 Football Match

After outclassing you the North in the first match I figured there might be enough interest to do a second at the Cardiff Mind Sports Festival. This will take place on the Friday night. We’ve got a world class pitch which is easy to get to by train and car. It’s about 9 miles from Cardiff (20 mins by train and 15 mins by car) It’s not that much of a problem a train goes straight past it (i used to live there) and its like £5 return from central.

Looking to do this on the Friday night as the other days are probably going to be long and Sunday is definitely a no go as most of us have to drive home. Colours are Blue for South and Red for North. Need to know where you want to play as places will fill up fast based on first come, first served. I imagine Neil Rigby or possibly Matthew Light will want to organise the North team. We could do with a ref again as I thought it worked pretty well last time. Possibly a appearance from Graham if someone can get him in here.

Facebook Event – Here

Friday Night Magic
Date: Friday 13th of September

Entry Fee: £3
Format: Standard Constructed
Prize pool: 1 booster per player.

Vintage Win A Mox
Mox Emerald unlimited Edition
Date: Saturday 14th of September

Time: 3:00 pm
Entry Fee: £15
Format: Vintage
1st place: Mox Emerald (Unlimited)
There will be other prizes – to be announced.
In Association with Patriot Games Leeds

Legacy From the Vaults
Date: Sunday 15th of September

Time: 1:30pm (or at the start of round 4 in the Standard Elite IQ, whichever comes latest)
Entry Fee: £15
Format: Legacy
1st place: 4 Force of Will + 1 From the Vaults: Twenty
2nd place: 4 Wasteland
3rd-4th place: 2 Bloodstained Mire + £40 Store Credit with Patriot Games Leeds.
5th-8th place: 1 From The Vaults: Realms
Prizes sponsored by Xtremetrades and Patriot Games Leeds

On-demand Side Events

Opening times:
Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Single-Elimination Modern Masters draft
Entry fee: £25

1st Place: 4 Boosters
2nd Place: 2 Boosters
3rd-4th Place: 1 Booster
Prizes are RTR Block or M14 – player’s choice

Win-a-box Constructed
Dragon’s Maze booster box
Entry Fee: £12

Format: Standard / Modern / Legacy
1st Place: Choice of – Magic 2014, Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash or Dragon’s Maze booster display

Single-Elimination drafts
Format: Return to Ravnica Block; Magic 2014

Entry Fee: £12 per person
1st Place: 4 Boosters
2nd Place: 2 Boosters
3rd-4th Place: 1 Booster

Team Drafts
Format: Return to Ravnica Block; Magic 2014

Entry Fee: £45 per team
Players on each team do one team draft, at the end of which they will face members on the opposing team in a best of nine matches format.
Each player on the winning team will receive a draft set of the format played.

We are currently applying to have the Vintage and Legacy events as Bazaar of Moxen Trials. Due to the nature of side events, we will take all registrations for these on the ground in cash.

Cardiff Mind Sports Festival Magic The Gathering SCG Invitational 2013

If you have any questions then please do let me know via the comments below.

Eduardo Sajgalik


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