The Value of Modern Masters Draft – Shared Discovery by Rob Wagner

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The Value of Modern Masters Draft – Shared Discovery by Rob Wagner

Hi all! So this weekend brought along Modern Masters to play with, and boy is it quite a set!

At Fanboy3, my local gaming store, they were running 8-person drafts for £20 per player with a booster pack prize for going 2-1 and a free draft to the lucky winner. I had immediate dreams of going infinite by winning draft after draft, but then I opened my wallet to see what was going on. I must say that my immediate concern was that even though £20 was a relatively good value for Modern Masters, was this experience going to be worth this amount to me?

I realised that many may be in a similar situation to myself, so chose to enter the fray as your unflinching champion to see whether or not Modern Masters is worth investing in.

Draft 1:

I started off with a Skeletal Vampire which is an excellent card but doesn’t lead you towards an archetype. I’m sure that people will write more about the actual strategy behind MM draft but certainly to me it looks like you’re aiming to draft a strategy with synergy rather than simply good cards (because let’s face it, they’re all good cards).

Grixis MM Draft

I won two rounds against similarly muddled decks – although my mana curve looks horrific it should be noted that most cards can be used for much less than their mana cost. I lost to a deck that started casting Life from the Loam for no lands, but built up to chaining large Harvest of the Wurms, for which I had no answers.

I enjoyed playing the rounds and found my Dreamspoiler Witches to be the MVPs (hence playing Reach Through Mists. In my sideboard worth any money was a Countryside Crusher, a Divinity of Pride, a foil Search for Tomorrow, a Death Cloud and a Narcomoeba. My one prize booster was fortunate enough to contain a Figure of Destiny, which was a card I needed for my Cube!

Value so far – £20 spent, £30.20 + 1 Prize Booster gained (using prices).

Draft 2:

This draft I started with a foil Knight of the Reliquary then got Blue signals before settling into Green-White splash a few Red burn spells.

Naya MM Draft

This deck is a little muddled but has some neat synergies in it off the Thallids and Rebels themes. I was particularly happy with my removal spells and double Overrun.

I lost round 1 to a very competent player in a close match but then round 2 I went win-flood-screw to be knocked out of prizes so I dropped at that point.

Although I didn’t get any prizes, I got some neat cards in the foils and some Spell Snares and a Shrapnel Blast in my sideboard.

Value so far = £40 spent, £91.35 + 1 Prize Booster gained!

Draft 3:

I did actually sell off my foil cards from the previous draft because I was slightly short of the cash on me to enter another draft – but I have 4 Knight of the Reliquary anyway so it doesn’t matter much to me :).

This draft started in a few colours, taking a Lightning Helix then a Riftwing Cloudskate and a Sanctum Gargoyle then a Tribal Flames before spotting that the Artifact deck was pretty open and I never looked back.

Affinity MM Draft

This deck is preeeeetty absurd, and while I won two matches fairly easily, I couldn’t defeat the guy with 2 Cloudgoat Ranger and a Kokusho, the Evening Star.

I had loads of fun playing this deck, highlights being Turn 1 Plains + Court Homunculus, Turn 2 Island + Etherium Sculptor + Bonesplitter + Frogmite in one game, and the more absurd Turn 1 Island, Turn 2 Plains + Etherium Sculptor + Bonesplitter + Paradise Mantle + Frogmite, Turn 3 Island + Esperzoa + Myr Enforcer. 13 Power of guys including 6 in the air (after equipping) on turn 3 is quite a beating! Having a mighty 22 artifacts will really help to cast those Myr Enforcers early and often.

I didn’t actually draft any rares this time, but on top of the mentioned cards I got 2 Desperate Ritual and a Trygon Predator.

Value so far = £60 spent, £132.51 + 2 Booster Prizes gained!


All-in-all it doesn’t seem too bad, even when you’re not opening all the silly Mythics like all those lucky so-and-so’s around you. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a box of the set, but I’m saving it for a while as the least I could do is re-live this terrific draft experience. I’ve definitely solved my worries about whether or not the set would be worth the money paid for it and hope that I’ve allayed any fears you may have had also.

P.s. – that second prize booster?

Foil Aether Vial


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