MTG Standard Decks on a Budget by Brodie Abbott

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MTG Standard Decks on a Budget by Brodie Abbott

Hello everyone and welcome to Standard on a Budget. A quick intro about myself. I am a high school student looking to write articles which can help newer players get started and give my insight into Magic. I started the game around Dark Ascension time and since then I’ve been hooked. As far as Standard goes I’ve stayed far away since I was told that you have to spend upwards of £200 for a competitive deck.

For a high school student on a seriously limited budget, that ain’t gonna happen. Now however I’m beginning to see the light. There’s no need to spend so much money. The power level of a deck is not decided by the price tag. This article is my take on budget Standard and I’m hoping to make this a weekly or fortnightly thing. I want to get ideas from the Magic Community and create an article that will help new players get started without having to invest massive amounts of money in decks.

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Here’s my current deck which was built for around £30-£40:

Rakdos Cackler12x Swamp
11x Mountain

23 Lands

4x Rakdos Cackler
4x Knight Of Infamy
4x Vampire Nighthawk
3x Zealous Conscripts
2x Sepulchural Primordial

17 Creatures

2x Searing Spear
2x Pillar Of Flame
2x Murder
3x Victim Of Night
3x Skullcrack
2x Duress
2x Appetite For Brains
3x Madcap Skills
2x Undying Evil

21 Other Spells

Now of course this deck is not going to be the best deck in the world. Of course there’s other cards that could go in that would improve the deck. But those cards have high prices. Some people simply can not afford £20-£30 just for Shocklands. Why should these people be left out? Well they don’t have to be. Cheap decks such as this one can be powerful.

DuressThe main tactic for this deck is to apply early pressure with Rakdos Cackler and Knight of Infamy. Duress and Appetite for Brains are great for being able to look at an opponents hand and rid them of pesky counter-spells. Vampire Nighthawk is a great way to sneak in some damage and gain some life. Also a Madcap Skills on a Nighthawk makes blocking it a nightmare for an opponent. Zealous Conscripts and Sepulchural Primordial coupled with Searing Spear and Skullcrack are a great way to finish an opponent off. If any of your early game guys get removed then Undying Evil is a great way to bring ’em back even stronger.

This deck has answers to many threats in the Standard meta-game. For example Skullcrack when an opponent plays a Thragtusk or a Sphinx’s Revelation. Also (my personal favourite) Sepulchural Primordial stealing a Restoration Angel which then flickers Sepulchural Primordial which can then steal a Thragtusk. That can be a very good play after a board wipe.

As far as the sideboard goes for this deck. I’m currently at a loss. I have 3x Slaughter Games and 3x Crypt Incursion in it right now. The Crypt Incursions seem to be a great way to deal with Unburial Rites decks. 3 life for each creature they’ve Mulch‘ed into there and it also renders Unburial Rites useless.

I’ve also considered Exava Rakdos Blood Witch. Casting her Unleashed with a Rakdos Cackler can mean a 6 haste swing after a board wipe. I’m hoping to get my sideboard finished in time for Dragon’s Maze Game Day. Any suggestions you guys have on ways to improve the deck would be greatly appreciated.

Well that about does it for Standard on a Budget. I hope you all enjoyed my first deck and I look forward to hearing ways to improve it and other decks that you guys have been able to build on a budget. Look for your deck idea to be featured in a later article.

small thumbs upThank You,

Brodie Abbott



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