The mtgUK Design-a-Cube Project – Join in and take part!

The mtgUK Design-a-Cube Project – Join in and take part!

The mtgUK Design-a-Cube Project – Join in and take part!

Starting for the next few months is the incredibly exciting prospect of creating an entire Cube from scratch… but unlike other cubes this will be entirely based around cards that the community have designed. No reprints, no using real cards. A true test of card design, evaluation and group analysis to create a fun yet challenging cube for the masses to use– so please download the card  images once they are all done and make up this Cube for your local play group. We will also be updating the cards; adding new ones and revising existing ones regularly to keep you on your toes.

The cube will be 360 cards, comprising of all the types of cards you would expect, all built to complement each other to create an interesting draft format, and you can be a part of it! We are looking for people up and down the community to send in designs that could be included in the cube, from the little white cards that go with the insane artifacts, combo pieces, Planeswalkers and everything in between– You never know, your card could be all the craze when the Cube goes live!

Useful Links

For information on how you can go about designing your own MTG card, please read this article – How To Design Your Own MTG Card Using Magic Set Editor by Ryan Smith

Are you interested in take part? If so then please join this Facebook Group – mtgUK Design a MTG Card

If you would like to take part in general MTG Cube discussions, then please join this Facebook Group – mtgUK & Ireland Cube MTG

You can find all the finalised design submissions for this project here. Please feel free to download and print out any/all of the cards and create your own designer Cube!

Heres how it worksmtg magic card design Submit Content

1. Whenever you write up a new card, please title your post Build-A-Cube, and please type the card slot number you are designing for, the version of your card (2.0 if its had a revision, 3.0 and so on).

2. If your designing for an open slot, put the card range that you are aiming for (e.g. #001 – #025 for a generic white creature).

3. Posts will stay on the group page until they are deemed to either have been dropped or the card has been signed off… if you feel your post was removed in error please contact an admin and we can look into it for you.

4. Later into the Cube construction we will be putting up a list within the excel file showing cards that have been reserved for design and people are already in the process of design. It it your responsibility to make sure your not trying to fill an already reserved slot as we can only make it First Come, First Served. If however you would like to contribute directly we can put you in contact with the designer.

5. Any cards sent in may be subject to minor word changes to bring the card into line with MTG rules. Should the card require word changes sufficient enough to change the nature of the card the designer will be notified in advance.

Further notes

When designing cards, please make sure that you put your name in the artist field, this will help with future reference, and we also want to make sure that the designer of the card(s) get as much recognition as possible within the Magic community.

Please also try to make the cards as realistic looking as possible, remember the plan is for people to be able to print these cards out and play with them. So we’ll want the cards to be looking great too!

Join the mtgUK Design a MTG Card group now and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are we going to play with the cube once its finished?

A. Yeah were gonna play this  🙂

Q. Are there any specific themes we have to adhere to?

A. No planned themes as it could prove to be restrictive, openness will give people the ability to be as creative as possible

Q. Are we bringing in older subtypes, tribal for example?

A. If someone can make tribal work then sure, but it would need to be more than just one card and would have to serve an actual purpose. Same applies to any other keywords.

Q. Whats the deal with keywords? are there some we have to use? some we can’t use?

A. No restrictions on keywords, no requirements either… heck, make one up if you can get it to work!

Peter Thorpe

Please let us know what you think below...

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