2013 WMCQ Cardiff (Wales) Tournament Report by Ky Davis

2013 WMCQ Cardiff (Wales) Tournament Report by Ky Davis

2013 Firestorm Games WMCQ Cardiff (Wales) Tournament Report by Ky Davis


I played in my first WMCQ today, it was great. Prepare for a long read!

Armada wurmThe most realistic deck for me to use for this was NAYA, I been playing the NAYA archetype for a long time. even used NAYA pod when pod was in Standard! So, before GTC was released I was playing straight up NAYA big things, Armada Wurm, Thragtusk, Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice, Bonfire of the Damned, Thudermaw Hellkite, Restoration Angel, etc, etc. I always did well with this shell, so started developing from there.

I eventually came up with a cool deck top ending with Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and Aurelia, the Warleader using the Aurelia’s Fury to tap down and swing for the win. As ‘cool’ as I thought this deck was, I knew it wouldn’t realistically stand for a WMCQ.

So… looked at net decks to find a new shell to work from and found Dark NAYA, what an awesome name, that’s what originally attracted me to the deck, then quickly realised that the black splash is the edge I was looking for and the ideas in the net deck I liked.

Dark Naya Ky

1 Blood Crypt
2 Clifftop Retreat
Aurelia1 Dragonskull Summit
2 Kessig Wolf Run
2 Overgrown Tomb
4 Rootbound Crag
2 Sacred Foundry
4 Stomping Ground
2 Sunpetal Grove
4 Temple Garden

2 Aurelia, the Warleader
4 Avacyn’s Pilgrim
4 Boros Reckoner
2 Falkenrath Aristocrat
3 Huntmaster of the Fells
4 Restoration Angel
4 Thragtusk
Bonfire of the Damned 1782 Thundermaw Hellkite
2 Wolfir Avenger

3 Selesnya Charm

1 Blasphemous Act
2 Bonfire of the Damned
4 Farseek

Sideboard – 15

2 Bonfire of the Damned
3 Centaur Healer
2 Golgari Charm
2 Purify the Grave
1 Rakdos’s Return
1 Selesnya Charm
2 Slaughter Games
2 Unburial Rites

As you can see there’s a few changes to the deck.


I last minute changed a Clifftop for a Dragonskull, because my sideboard plan for UWR flash and Esper mill brought in a lot of the black cards, it felt as though I may need two black source against these two decks post sideboard.


Wolfir AvengerWolfir Avenger was suggested by Mark B, at first I was a little unsure, but thought I will try. In testing I found it fantastic. Every one expects a Resto when 4 mana is up, but no one expected an Avenger when 3 was up. Opponents seemed to think I had no play when I pass the turn with 3 mana up and often attacked into the Avenger, perfect, then keep 2 mana up for as long as possible to regenerate.

I liked the ‘haste’ package I had, 6 hasty creatures, all of which are very good, powerful and hard to deal with. So mid-late game top deck into these was always a good draw, with the addition of the avenger I had a ‘flash’ package of 6 too. This proved very effective, that I had 12 out of 27 creatures that usually attacks before the opponent had a real chance to deal with them, such as with Dreadbore, etc

With this overall line-up, Pilgrim a side, I felt the Reckoner was the weakest creature, however its still a big threat in its own right.


Originally 4 Charms, last minute change to put 2 Bonfire main instead of 1-3 split. I just felt I was very weak against the hyper aggro decks, but at the same time I am so weak against the JUNK re-animator match up I need to pack 4 charms in the 75 for the Angel of Serenity and Craterhoof Behemoth, not including all the other cool tricks you can do. I felt going to 3 was still safe, but had to make space for the 4th in the side.

The only change I would make to the instants is add 3-4 Searing Spear! I REALLY missed instant speed spot removal.


farseekAs stated above, last minute addition was the 2nd bonfire, it turned out that this decision helped and even won me games. It was good against other match ups I didnt even think about! Such as the Aristocrats. Farseek, goes without saying, 4 colour needs these bad boys! The Blasphemous Act was the night before 61st card. I know that Reckoner + Act = boom! But I could not justify taking anything out for it. I also realised this is a good sweeper vs aggro. So I just bit the bullet and went to 61 cards.

Happy with this, but may look at putting the Blasphemous Act in the side.


Some obvious choices, Bonfire, Selesnya charm, Rakdos Returns and Slaughter Games. Tough choices, Purify the Grave vs Rest in Peace vs Rakdos Charm. I made the choice, as they come in against JUNK, and they bring in Abrupt Decay, so Rest in Peace is easily taken care of. Rakdos Charm was only dropped as I found the black casting cost was asking the deck to much to be reliable in order to cast it as and when I really needed. So the Purify the Grave seemed like the best option here. (Thank you Aaron B, for pointing this card out)

Centaur Healer vs Loxodon Smiter? wow, that had me going for ages. Finally tipped when I thought, ‘if he survives long enough I get another Resto target and benefit whilst doing it!’ and that was it. Golgari Charm?! Looking at the regenerate vs Supreme Verdicr. Not sure this was right to be honest. The best bit, Unburial Rites bring in against control and straight up JUND.

A lot of my creatures are getting countered, and after side boarding, I felt they pack the counter instant/sorcery and bring in more counter creatures, SUPRISE! I get more threats by recycling, my one card = 2 counters or a threat on the table. Same goes for JUND with they’re removal, just keep bringing them back!

I feel the side needs work, Unburial Rites was awesome in the one game I used it and in testing. Golgari charm needs more testing but doubt it will stay.

Right, now the event itself.

My ideal goal – come first
My realistic goal – top 8

There was 34 players in total

Round 1 – Mark Kelly – Aggro JUND – (2-1)

Dreg ManglerGame 1, I got battered, simply aggro’d to death!

Game 2, I ripped an early Bonfire for 3 which bought me time to stabilise. Mark was on 11 life I was on 6, I’m dead on board if I attack outright without a plan. I have a Huntmaster, Resto, Pilgram and 6 mana which includes Wolf Run. Mark had 1 card in hand. I felt my only option was to attack outright minus the Pilgrim, Kessig the angel for 4 putting Mark on 2. As long as Mark did not have Searing Spear in hand, my Huntmaster would kill him when he fliped into Ravager, Mark has already used one Spear at this point.

I pass the turn, Mark did not have the spear, although was going to draw it that turn! On to game 3.

Game 3, I take a real battering this game, I land two Thragtusks and I’m still dangerously low life. Mark attacks with the Falkenrath Aristocrat putting me to 2, I have no flyers in play and an empty hand.

He passes the turn with 7 life and plenty of blockers to stop me killing him. I have a few draws that can buy me a turn, Resto, Hellkite and Thragtusk. I have not seen a Bonfire yet and there’s 4 in the deck, I have enough mana to kill him on the miracle… ripped Bonfire of the top x=7, giving me the round 1 win.


+ Bonfire x2
+ Healer x3
– Aurelia x2
– Selesnya Charm x3

Round 2 – Peter Banister – JUNK Re-animator – (0-2)

Craterhoof BehemothGame 1, I cant remember this one, but felt it was a fair game although a tough match up.

Game 2, kept this hand – Blood Crypt, Temple Garden, Pilgrim, Slaughter Games, Thragtusk x2 and Huntmaster. I sat there for 5 turns passing the turn and then discarding due to 8 cards in hand on turn 5. Turn 6 draw a Sunpetal Grove, Pilgrim is long gone at this point, peter’s next turn, he casts Acidic Slime, targeting the Blood Crypt. I scoop on 10 life facing a Slime and Healer, 2 turn clock, and on 2 mana 🙁 


+ Purify the Grave x2
+ Selesnya Charm x1
+ Slaughter Games x2
– Boros Reckoner x4
– Blasphemous Act x1

Round 3 – Christopher Godfry – JUNK Re-animator (2-0)

Angel of SerenityGame 1, can’t really remember, although Christopher waited about 4-5 turns for his white source, which was a Pilgrim, by which time it was too late!

Game 2, seen a good game here. 


+ Purify the Grave x2
+ Selesnya Charm x1
+ Slaughter Games x2
– Boros Reckoner x4
– Blasphemous Act x1

Round 4 – Aaran Boyhan – Aristocrats – (2-0)

Game 1, I ripped a Bonfire off the top clearing the board, leaving Aaron with 2-3 land in hand, Aaron scooped when I played a Thundermaw.

Game 2, seen alot more action, but again Bonfire for 5 catching 2 5/5 Demons, 4-5 Spirits, a Cartel Aristocrat (sac a spirit for pro red), and a Silverblade Paladin was very painfull, then I cast an Auralia with a good board pressance the following turn. 


+ unburial rites x2
+ selesnya charm x1
+ bonfire x2

– Boros Reckoner x4
– Blasphemous Act x1

Round 5 – James Sowyer – JUND – (2-0)

Thundermaw HellkiteGame 1, James took, which I found gutting to say the least, a game 1 loss for being late! He was less than 3 minutes late, however the head judge gave out three game loses to three people for being a minute or 2 late, James being one of them.

Game 2, James really wasn’t in the game at this point due to the game loss, you could tell. He wasn’t able to sideboard for this game, so we had to play game 2 pre-side. I drew like a god, Reckoner into Aristocrat into Thundermaw into Aristocrat.

No siding here

Round 6 – Pete Hillard – Esper Mill – (1-1) ID

Tried to keep focused for the hour or so was very hard here, spent a lot of time on my own and smoking, had something to eat too.

 Top 8 after swiss

1st – Mark Kelly
2nd – Pete Hillard
3rd – Lewis McLeod
4th – Me
5th – Nathan Sutton
6th – William Yang
7th – Davie Whyte
8th – Aaran Boyhan

Quarter Final – Nathan Sutton – JUNK Re-animator (2-1)

Unburial RitesGame 1, Got to turn 3, judge notice that a card has fallen out of Nathan’s deck and was on the floor, leaving him a 59 card main deck. Game loss to Nathan! NOT AGAIN, I cant believe it, I was still feeling bad for James, and now Nathan 🙁 gutted.

Game 2, as we had started game 1, we get to sideboard. I put up a small fight, but the Angel of Serenity with Thragtusk just beats me down.

Game 3, turn 3 Slaughter Games naming the Angel of Serenity, taking 2. I felt this was painful for Nathan. he goes down the aggro/tempo route now. I’m really put on the ropes here, although I had a Hellkite out, he was getting used as a blocker.

I top deck a Bonfire x=5 clear the board leaving Nathan on 7 life with an Aristocrat in hand. Top decked Aurelia. I cast her instead of the aristocrat as I have seen Tragic Slips in the deck when I cast Slaughter Games, so it was the safer option as Nathan had cards in hand and all his mana up, also enables me to play around Restoration Angel.

Nathan scoops on the resolution of Aurelia. Quarters won, not happy about the game loss again though.


+ Purify the Grave x2
+ Selesnya Charm x1
+ Slaughter Games x2
– Boros Reckoner x4
– Blasphemous Act x1

Sideboarding for game three

+ Bonfire x2
– Wolfir Avenger x2

Semifinal – Mark Kelly – Aggro JUND (0-2)

Blasphemous ActGame 1, took a beating, mark still on 18 life when I was dead.

Game 2, felt I made a misplay here, I had a Huntmaster and Wolf on board, 18 life, and Mark swings in with Mogg Flunkeys, 2x unleashed Rakdos Cacklers and an Experiment One with 2 counters, and leaving one thing behind, with summoning sickness.

I have Blasphemous Act in hand I have 4 mana, so 2 creatures can die and I can still cast it. So I block the Ooze and Flunkey, taking 4. Next turn cast the Act, Mark regens the Ooze then he casts a Dreg Mangler, swinging for 5, the very next turn after wrathing.

I felt I should have double blocked the Ooze forcing the regen, so he would die to the Act and cast the Pilgrim in hand. Mark filled the board very fast again, looking for a Thragtusk or Bonfire, I’ve seen no life gain or side cards. Round lost


+ Bonfire x2
+ Healer x3
– Aurelia x2
– Selesnya Charm x3

All in all, a success! I am very happy with my performance, I only noticed one play error all day, I dare say there were others, but I didn’t notice.

I want to thank James Sowyer, Aaron Boyhan, Adam Roach and everyone else that also tested with me for all the long hours of testing through the up and coming weeks leading to the WMCQ.

small thumbs up

Also would like to thank Mark Burges for the tech support and ideas in the late stages of the deck.

Thank you for reading



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