Theros Block MTG

Theros Block MTG

Theros Block MTG Info

PAX East was this past weekend and during our Magic panel we announced this September’s new set: Theros. But not only did we announce Theros, we also announced the two other sets in the Theros block: the February, 2014, set which was code-named “Romans,” is called Born of the Gods and the May, 2014, set, code-named “Countrymen,” is called Journey Into Nyx.

Now let’s talk about just the details for this fall’s set:

Set Name – Theros
Block – Set 1 of 3 in the Theros block
Number of Cards – 249
Prerelease Events – September 21-22, 2013
Release Date – September 27, 2013
Launch Weekend – September 27-29, 2013
Game Day – October 19-20, 2013
Official Three-Letter Code – THS
Twitter Hashtag – #MTGTHS

Pro Tour Theros Dates – October 11-13, 2013
Pro Tour Theros Formats
Swiss: Standard Constructed & Theros Booster Draft
Top 8: Standard Constructed

Theros MTG Set Info


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