The MTG Wishlist Android App for Magic The Gathering

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The MTG Wishlist Android App for Magic The Gathering


MTG Wishlist is an Android app for card pricing which allows saving wanted cards in a Wishlist in a quick way directly on your device showing the pictures, live prices from popular Magic The Gathering stores, card text, available expansion set and many more useful data.

mtg wishlist app

To search for a card, type it in the search box and click on the lens or just click on the “Add to Wishlist” button.

MTG Wishlist contains a full cards database, which offers users an auto-complete feature when inserting cards, or the option to check the available Expansion Sets for every card. It also has live currency conversion. There are more than 20,000 cards to be loaded in the database, so initial loading can take some time.

MTG Wishlist displays card prices for Magic singles directly from the following Magic the Gathering websites, and you can also access the data Offline too:

  • mtg wishlist app card_linked_sitesTCG Player (Low, Average and High prices)
  • AdventuresON (Normal and Foil prices)
  • Black Border (Normal and Foil prices)
  • Deck Tutor (Low, Average, Foil and Japanese/Korean/Russian prices)
  • Magic Card Market (Low, Estimated and Foil prices)
  • Card Shark (Low and Foil prices)
  • Channel Fireball (Normal and Foil prices)
  • Magic Online Traders League (Online Low, Average and High prices)

and soon

In addition, every card is linked to:

  • Manaleak (UK)
  • Gatherer (Official Wizards database)
  • TC Decks (Search through decks)
  • Star City Games
  • Magic
  • Cool Stuff Inc.
  • Card Haus
  • ABU Games
  • Card Kingdom
  • Cape Fear Games
  • Cardshop Serra (Japan)
  • MTG Fanatic
  • MTGO Traders
  • Bazaar Games (UK)
  • Ebay (US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, France)
  • Amazon
  • Evolution (Spain)
  • MTG Decks

Wanted cards can be displayed in all MTG available languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese), if they exist for that card, depending on your device language.

The card list can be sorted by different qualifiers, shared or filtered by type, set, color and even artist. Images can be hidden to improve performance and connection data.

MTG Wishlist is originally a Chrome Extension, check it on the Chrome Webstore:

Google Play links:

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