PTQ Theros and WMCQ 2013 Dates, Info & Schedule

2011 Pro Tour Honolulu Qualifiers – PTQ Honolulu Schedule

Pro Tour Theros Qualifiers (PTQ Friends) AND the WMCQ 2013 Dates, Info & Schedule combined.

All Pro Tour Theros (formerly Friends) Qualifiers (PTQ Theros) and WMCQs dates for the UK & Ireland – Dates are provisional and subject to changes, information gathered from Wizards event locator.

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Northern Ireland

  • 23rd March 2013 PTQ – Portadown – Creative Destruction (Visit their Facebook Group here)
  • 6th April 2013 WMCQ – Portadown – Creative Destruction
  • 20th April 2013 WMCQ Portadown – Creative Destruction
  • 1st June 2013 WMCQ – Belfast – Nerdtopia coffee Ltd (Visit their Facebook Group here)

2013 WMCQ Participation Vengevine Promo Card

2013 WMCQ Participation Vengevine Promo Card

You can find the full information on the WNCQ dates etc – Here.

For the full MTG events list, please use the UK Magic Calendar.

This is as much information as we’ve can find online so far and details are still being added. If you have further information regarding any of these qualifiers which is not already listed then please do let us know by commenting below. We will add it asap.

Tournament organisers, please send us Facebook invites to your events asap so that we may add your event details to this page and the UK Magic Calendar. You can find us on Facebook at –

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