Travel Guide for MTG Grand Prix (GP) Lisbon 2012

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Travel Guide for MTG Grand Prix (GP) Lisbon 2012

We Welcome You To Grand Prix Lisbon 2012

Document created by: Sérgio Martins, Luis Guimarães, Ricardo Teixeira

So, you’re going to the next GP and it happens to be in Lisbon, Portugal which you don’t really know that well. In fact, do you even remember the last time there was a GP there?

Oh boy, are we glad to see you!

Below is a short extract from the guide…


As you might have heard or read, the GP will be held in Pavilhão Atlântico, a venue in a very nice spot of the city (more on that later) and you might be looking for lodging. While there are a few hotels near the event site, and that means really near, they are also quite a bit expensive with prices for a night starting roughly at 70€. Even so, in case you wish to book a room in the Hotel Tivoli Oriente, TRYP Lisboa Oriente Hotel, Hotel Olissippo Oriente or Hotel VIP Executive Art’s, they are all located in Parque das Nações and you might access more information through the links.


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