Mystical Teachings – 5cc in Standard with David Inglis

Mystical Teachings – 5cc in Standard with David Inglis

Mystical Teachings – 5cc in Standard with David Inglis


Introductions and Toast.

Hey everyone, some of you already know me and some of you don’t. For those who don’t lets make some introductions. My name is David Inglis, I am a 20 year old History student from London and I currently live in Bristol with two of my best friends. I have been playing Magic since SOM and I have a reputation for my crazy lists and slightly ambitious mana bases. My friends refer to me as some sort of mad scientist.

I am fairly new to article writing but I hope you will enjoy what I have to say. My articles will mainly focus on Constructed as that is where my strength’s are.  (Disclaimer: I know my deck ideas or more exotic card choices are not everyone’s cup of tea) Anyway let’s look at the Monthly Win-a-Box I played in this weekend at Manaleak and the deck I played.

Quick “n” Toastie

The first few weeks of a new standard are an awesome time of the year. There are so many new cards to play and so many new ideas to try. I did try and look for a deck from the SCG Open series to play, however I did not find anything that I wanted to play. I found the UWR Miracle Deck that Todd Anderson played to be an unexciting choice, plus I don’t really like playing Terminus in non eternal formats as it is a little bit of a gamble. I liked the look of Frites but I did not want to be so “All In”.

I decided to try a 5 colour control list with Unburial Rites in to make my win conditions more resilient and to sometimes get some free wins by using Izzet charm or Tthoughtflare to discard my bombs and then Unburial Rites them back.

 Here is the list I 4-0’ed FNM (Defeating a wide range of aggro decks) and I took to the win-a-box.


3x Angel of Serenity
4x Centaur Healer
2x Thragtusk


2x Thoughtflare

3x Syncopate
3x Azorius Charm
2x Izzet Charm


2x Unburial Rites
2x Pillar of Flame

2x Dreadbore
3x Supreme Verdict
1x Faithless Looting


3x Jace Architect of Thought


2x Detention Sphere
1x Oblivion Ring


1x Izzet Keyrune


2x Evolving Wilds
1x Plains
1x Island
1x Swamp
1x Forest
1x Mountain
3x Shimmering Grotto
4x Glacial Fortress
3x Temple Garden
3x Steam Vents
1x Hallowed Fountain
2x Sulfur Falls
1x Sunpetal Grove
1x Desolate Lighthouse


2x Rakdos’ Return
1x Angel of Serenity
1x Jace Memory Adept
1x Physic Spiral
1x Sphinx’s Revelation
1x Radkos Keyrune
2x Counterflux
2x Selseyna Charm
1x Supreme Verdict
1x Slaughter Games
1x Vraska The Unseen
1x Angel of Glory’s Rise

No, I am not insane nor am I a troll. I am sure you may have trouble suspending your disbelief but the deck really is quite good. While the sideboard was a bit of a mess; I did kind of throw it together at the last minute; I have tested the deck against a lot of various aggro decks and have been posting good results. I really believe that 4/5 Colour Control could be a part of the metagame. You have the ability too adapt your deck every week to the current metagame, because you have access to every card because your deck produces every colour of mana. If Jund became the best deck you can play more card advantage spells or if Zombies continued to dominate add more Pillar of flames.  

Lets take a look at the win-a-box I played in and then I will share with you an updated list with explanation on the card choices.

Round 1 – Naya

Game 1 goes to plan I use Izzet Charm to counter his Garruk, Primal Hunter and counter some more of his spells with Syncopates. A Jace onto an empty board means I get far enough ahead on cards to close out the game with Thragtusks+ Angel of Serenity.  (I really like Syncopate at the minute as most decks appear to be trying to use all their mana every turn. It also looks to be good on the play against the decks that are playing Farseek.)

Game 2 – We both mulligan to 6 and I get to Syncopate a Turn 3 farseek to keep him off of mana, I then get to Rakdos Return his hand away.  A Thoughtflare to refill my hand later and I take the game with a Thragtusk.

Round 2 – Stuart Pullin, Green Black Zombies

Stu, mulligans to 6 in this game and I get to Azorius Charm his Rancored up Gravecrawler. I then draw some Centaur Healers and get to reanimate an Angel of Serenity and that’s the games.

Stu mulligans to 5 in this game and I have a hand with 4x Centaur Healers and I take the match after my absurdly good draw.

Round 3 – Esper Tokens

Game 1 sees my opponent “stall” on 3 lands and I get to Syncopate his Lingering Souls (this feels just as a good as it sounds) I get too untap make Jace, and keep digging for lands. I find what I need and I get to ride a Thragtusk to victory

Game 2, I keep a bad hand and I am punished for my below average keep.

Game 3 sees me mulligan down to 5 and keep a hand with Jace Architect of thought and 4 lands, my oppoenet slams a turn 1 Pithing Needle and names Jace Architect of thought.  

I think I am going to die and it looks pretty bad when my opponent makes a turn 3 Geist of St. Traft, I make my 4 land and prepare for the beating.

Next turn I draw a Supreme Verdict and sweep the board. My opponent passes and I draw Thoughtflare. I try to Thoughtflare in his turn but he has the Syncopate for 1. We both go off the top until a draw another Thoughtflare which I use to refill my hand he slams another Geist after I tapped out.

I Detnetion Sphere  his Intangable Virtue and take another 6. I draw supereme verdict and he makes two spirits with a Midnight Haunting and plays Vault of the Archangel which makes my Angel of Serenity look a little sad.

As he draws a Lingering Souls, I don’t have the dissipate so I “persuade” him to make the full set which he does. I then play Izzet Staicaster to clean the board and crash in with the Angel of Serenity.

Not bad off a Mulligan to 5.

Round 4 – John Randle

We ID and then play a game with each others decks which lasted for 40 minutes and was a lot off fun.

Round 5 – Mark Rickell

Mark and I are seen by many as some sort of team. So we ID and head off to MacDonald’s, pleased we both made a top 8 together.

Quarter Finals – Mark Rickell – Black Red Zombies

Lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we both say after seeing that we have to play each other. Last week we both managed to fall on the opposite side of the bracket so we could split the finals which was pretty sweet but this time we would have to hope that the winner of our match could make the finals. After some shuffling and light banter about he match up being good for me and me asking if Mark wanted to draft and just scoop to me. Mark declines and we shuffle up and keep our 7’s and we are off to the races.

Game 1, sees Mark have a reasonable strong draw with a lot of burn in his opener, I did play my lands incorrectly and I miss-fetched with an Evolving Wilds and then I got a little flooded and Mark took Game 1 with a Bump in the night.

Game 2, Mark mulligans and I have a Centaur Healer heavy draw and I rip the Detention Sphere off the top too take Marks Diregraf Ghoul’s into exile. I then beat down with some healers to take Game 2 and it is all on the last game.

Game 3, I am a mise, Mark mulligans to 5 cards and his keep is not very exciting, while I have to mulligan to 6, my 6 is pretty strong and I take the game despite failing to find my 7th land for Angel of Serenity. A highlight of this game includes Mark’s casting of Appetite for Brains and I reveal a hand of 3x Angel of Serenity and a Jace, Architect of Thought.

Semi Finals – Aaron Boyhan-Jund

Sadly this match is very unexciting which was lame because the people wanted to see how my deck worked. Basically I mulligan to 6 every game and lost to someRakdos Keyrunes.

This was a little lame as I feel the match up is pretty good for me. But alas I would have to settle for a top 4. I got to trade for a foil Azorius Charm and foil Dreadbore. Winning!

Moving Forward with Quick and Toastie

There’s not too much in the main deck that disappointed me that much, although I am trying to fit in 1+ Azorius Charm, +1 Sphinx’s Revalation. The Azorius Charm’s were amazing all day long and I really enjoyed having them in my deck.

Syncopate is a card I really like right now as there is a real lack of Cavern of Souls in the format and also I like Syncopate against the Jund and Naya decks that try and use there mana every turn.

Thoughtflare has been really impressive for me and I may cut one to be a Sphinx’s Revalation but I have really enjoyed having Thoughtflare in my list.

Dreadbore is a handy tool and in my 5cc lists I like to have a couple of handy tools. I like how Dreadbore means that dead planeswalkers stay dead.

I’ve also enjoyed the O-Ring/Sphere split which while I lose a bit of power in not having access to all Detention Sphere’s means that I can O-Ring opposing Detention Sphere’s.

The Faithless looting was pretty poor and will be cut for something like another Izzet Charm

Here is the sideboard I would run for the next event:

2x Sundering Growth
2x Counterflux
2x Izzet Staticaster
1x Jace Memory Adept
2x Radkos Keyrune
1x Supreme Verdict
1x Psychic Spiral
2x Radkos’ Return
1x Sphinx’s Revelation
1x Slaughter Games
1x Seslyna Charm

The Keyrune is a good answer to Thragtusk and just a good man for combat.

Sundering growth is there as an concession to the fact that I think keyrunes might start picking up in the format. Also the card is good vs Detention Sphere and other enchantments.

The Psychic Spiral is there for other control match ups which appear to come down to milling.

Rakdos’ Return is a card for Jund and Naya and other midrangey decks to make them discard there hand when the time is right and cripple their position.

As a note there is a lot of control in my meta-game so my list is a little more, anti control so feel free to try out new stuff that you think will be better in your metagame.

That’s all I have time for this article. I know my deck looks a little strange but please try it out and maybe play it a Game Day or FNM and let me know what you think. If you have any questions or ideas for the deck or me please let me know in the comments

Thanks for reading, thanks for Sharing.

David Inglis


Please let us know what you think below...

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