Magic Commander Video Gameplay: Episode 01 with Sam and the Gang

Magic Commander Video Gameplay: Episode 01 with Sam and the Gang

Magic Commander: Episode 01 with Sam and the Gang

Hello, and welcome to what is hopefully going to be an ongoing series of EDH/Commander Gameplay videos from my local playgroup!

We’re doing 4-player free-for-all in this first episode. I’m playing a Thraximundar deck that tries to win with Commander damage and keeping everyone else’s stuff dead through sac triggers. James is playing his Kaalia of the Vast deck, cheating in big nasty Angels, Demons and Dragons like Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and Rakdos the Deflier to win by doing general damage.

Dan is playing his 5-colour Allies deck with Horde of Notions as the Commander, flooding the board with creatures and using Enter-the-Battlefield triggers to turn his weenies into beaters. Finally Reece is playing his Mono-blue control deck where he just tries to steal all of our cards and then uses his Commander Kira, the Great Glass Spinner to stop them from being removed.

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Sam Bickley


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