DLS Episode 1a & 1b Judging Return to Ravnica with David Lyford-Smith

The UK Magic scene from a cross cultural perspective by David William Brannon

DLS Episode 1a Judging Return to Ravnica

The First episode in David Lyford-Smith’s series on the judge stream. During this episode David covers judging with Return to Ravnica.

Return to Ravnica – Before the pre-releases for Return to Ravnica David Lyford-Smith takes the time to talk about how to run a pre-release and how to judge with Return to Ravnica.

DLS Episode 1b Judging Return to Ravnica

The second part of David Lyford-Smith’s first episode covering juding with Return to Ravnica.

You can find the DCI Document Center here, and you can find the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules document here.

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David Lyford-Smith



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