mtgUK Summer 2012 Community Competition – Design your own competition!

mtgUK Summer 2012 Community Competition – Design your own competition!

Good morning!

So summer is finally here and that can only mean one thing– Its time for the annual mtgUK summer community competition! And in the true community spirit, we are going to let you the players & community members, design and select your own MTG competition.

Right, to get the ball rolling simply comment below with your ideas on what you think would make a great MTG content based competition (e.g. best articles? best new deck design?). Be as creative and wild as you can because:

  1. The most popular 10 suggestions will then be entered into a poll for voting.
  2. The top 5 highest voted suggestions will get a free Booster Pack each with their next order on
  3. And the highest voted suggestion (the winner of that poll) will be the mtgUK Summer 2012 Community Competition. We will then create that competition for the UK Magic Community to take part in.
Again, be as creative as you can and remember the best ideas are the ones that will get the most people involved ie. you can go crazy with what prizes can give out, just not toooo crazy!
Please note that at this stage, we just want to get ideas from you guys on what you think the mtgUK Summer 2012 Community Competition should be.




Please let us know what you think below...

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