Magic: The Judging episode #15 – Judging at Regular (JAR) with Paul Smith

Magic: The Judging episode #15 – Judging at Regular (JAR) with Paul Smith


Hi guys!

So please allow me to welcome a very new and brilliant series called “Magic: The Judging” by the UKs very own Mr Paul Smith who you may recognise from many of the official Wizards of the Coasts Pro Tour and Grand Prix coverage.

Paul has and is doing some great work for the UK Magic community and his series “Magic: The Judging” is one of the highest quality content around– very very useful for anyone interested in MTG Judging and rules & policies. This is episode 15 and we are now in the process of adding all of the previous episodes so that they are housed all under one roof (here!)

If you have any MTG related rules questions then please join our mtgUK Rules & Judges Questions Facebook group. Here you will get instant replies and feedback from the informed UK Magic community at ANY hour of the day & night (literally!).

You can also find the official Magic: The Judging uStream page here, where weekly shows start at 9pm Tuesday GMT. So please pop over and show your support!


eratosthenestream Stream’s up – I’ll start talking about Judging at Regular REL in a few minutes! 🙂

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See you in the next episode.

PS. Sorry about the short ad at the start, its how we can keep these videos free. However if you do feel that it does lower the quality of the viewing experience, then please do comment below and I will look into what we can do about it.


Please let us know what you think below...

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