One small step for Humans, one giant leap for me – GP Lille top 100 Tournament Report by Cameron Simmonds

GWB Tokens Win-a-Box Tournament Report by Mark Turney


Hey everyone my name is Cameron Simmonds, you may have seen be durdling around PTQs and other events with Team MK or barning off Matt Light, I haven’t had any really noticeable finishes at many events, I recently top 8ed a Legacy win a Mox but that’s about it. If this doesn’t ring any bells, I’m Hornet Sting Kid, when I beat someone in competitive Magic I ask them to sign a Hornet Sting. This is my inner serial killer…

I decided to go to Lille because my birthday was in February which in turn meant I had money to burn, I had also heard on our local forum that we had a group interested in the event and we also had a willing driver.

Our team consisted of 5 people:

Ashley Pinder – This guy has only been playing MTG since summer last year, he is a very good player but is a bit lacking in the experience field, and he was our willing driver. Cheers for that Ash hugely appreciated 🙂

Mark Horne – MK’s local trader, he is obviously our go to guy for cards, he says he isn’t very good at the game, but I’ve seen some strokes of genius 😉

Harrison Wiles – Team Bedford’s own Conley Woods (sort of) also hasn’t had a huge amount of experience, fun to hang around with, but if you share a hotel room with him, you will not sleep :/.

Paul Richardson – Unfortunately he died last year when he went to Australia but came back to life as the most sarcastic person ever and is also able to contain massive amounts of alcohol.

That was team MK/Bedford/North Hampton (a massive thanks to all of them), we assembled at my house at 15:00 on Friday and set off, we got to our hotel at 12:00AM and stayed up till 2:00AM testing, I was locked on UW Humans, I had been playing the deck since Innistrad’s release and really knew it inside out so was quite happy to play it.

After testing we went to bed, however this is when I discovered that Harrison snores in every way possible, from classic Disney snoring to loud grunts and moans, so I had approximately 2 hours sleep, cheers Harrison…

The Event

We got to the venue quite early and met with Matt Light and James Thanangadan, I lent Matt 90% of RG Aggro after it’s great performance at the hands of Jackie Lee the week before, 1st round pairings were put up but Paul and myself had a bye on funzie points (PWP), so did a bit more testing, this was the list I registered.

Main deck:

Side board:
2 Day of Judgement
2 Mental Misstep
3 Mana Leak
2 Nihil Spellbomb
1 Dismember
2 Ratchet Bombs
2 Oblivion Ring
1 Divine Offering

Day 1

Round 1 Had some really close games with the goldfish and won.


Round 2 Tony Belicard (FRA)- This guy was playing U/B Zombies which I’d never played against before so It was interesting to see it in action, I nut drew him and he scooped on T4 of both games.


Round 3– Alexandre (POL)- This guy was playing Jund Ramp I think, he got mana screwed both games and played about 5 spells the whole match, after each game he showed me a hand full of un-castable spells due to the lovely Thalia, Guardian of Thraban.


Round 4Ian Bennet (ENG) – Frites my worst matchup : /, luckily in G1 he mulled to 5 so I was able to win, G2, had a pretty good start and was the first person to take a game off me, but his woes came back in G3 as he mulled to 5 again 🙁


Round 5– Pierre Canali (FRA) – This was my first ever feature match, at the time I couldn’t work out why I had a feature match (didn’t have a clue that Canali was in fact a PT winner, Facepalm…)

G1 was pretty rapid due to a manaflood for Canali

G2 was a bit more awkward, I kept a pretty poor hand and he had a flying start, I was able to get a Mirran Crusader but he had a Tumble Magnet, he got me to about 8 life before I was able to Enchant a Hero and a Crusader with Angelic Destiny, they got there.


Round 6- Vincent Roland (FRA) – RDW didn’t expect to see that, we had 2 very close games but multiple heroes are unstoppable.


Round 7- Jasper (GER)- My first mirror of the day, G1 I kept a pretty good 3 lander but only ever saw those 3 lands, G2 was a wee bit closer but not by much he crushed me in the end.


Round 8– Jonas Kustler (GER)-R/G Aggro, this guy top 8ed, he basically had turn 2 SoWaP both games, I tried to mention the war but he was having none of it and killed me with a Birds of Paradise. hater.


At this point I went on full tilt I felt like s**t due to lack of sleep and felt horrid after starting so well and then loosing 2 straight matches, however a few minutes walking around listening to some cheerful music (which is hard for me because I like Coldplay) put me back in the zone for:

Round 9- Jakub (FRE) – This guy was the European version of Todd Anderson, seriously they looked exactly the same, fortunately he didn’t have any Bellowing Tanglewurms, he was on UB control, my best matchup, it was the only time I played against it this weekend, G1 I steam rolled him and then G2 he hit about 5 black sources but only 1 blue source so he extended his hand.


We went back to the hotel and had a chat with Richard Parker and found out he was 9-0 (great job Rich), we went hunting for food, Ash found a small restaurant and I had a kids spaghetti which wasn’t very small so I only ate 1/2 of it.

Day 2

Day 2 rolled around, I had plenty of sleep due to Harrison and Paul doing an all nighter in Mark and Ash’s room, they had prepped for the Modern side event, we got to the venue really early and had a good chat with Rich Hagon, Barney Menzies and Matthew (from Cambridge), the venue opened late so there was a rush to find our seat, I sat across from another German : /

Round 10- Florian (GER)-He was playing Frites and killed me pretty rapidly.

7-3 (0-3 against Germans!)

Round 11- Petr Danek (POL) – Was playing B/W Tokens, in G1 he mulled to 5ish and then scooped on turn 5 when my Hero had an Angelic gift. G2 was very odd he had triple Gather the Townsfolk and triple Lingering Souls; however I won Anthem wars and eventually killed him.


Round 12- Adrian (SPA) – UW Delver- He got mana screwed and then mana flooded in G1 and G3, in G2 he had double Insectoid Aberration and exactly 94 Vapour Snags due to raw dogging 4 of them and using Snapcaster shenanigans.


Round 13- Raphael Levy (FRA)- I had heard of this pro and had some awesome games against him G1 I got him to two, unfortunately he found an Elesh and I could not progress further, G2 I got him to 1 after he had a t3 Elesh unfortunately Inferno Titan helped him recover, Raph was the first non-German to beat me.


Round Fourteen- Allan (FRA) – U/W humans again, this was the first time I activated a Moorland Haunt all weekend :O , he still won though :/ that was my last loss of the tournament, most of my fellow countrymen had dropped by this point but I decided to grind out those funzie points so I could get some byes for Manchester later next month.


Round 15- Marcel Bauche (FRA) – This guy was tiny but had big creatures in his deck, he was playing WRR G1 A Thalia had a destiny to fill and she got there, G2 he got me to 1 life and 9 poison, He was at 5, with no blockers all I had was a Doomed Traveller, guess what I ripped off the top 😉


Round 16 the last and final round- Weng Soh (CHI)- He was playing Frites but had crammed a couple of Huntmasters in the main, G1 he somehow failed to kill me when he had lethal on board… this allowed me to rip an Angelic Destiny and ride it to victory.

G2 I drew all 4 of my Fiend Hunters and had 3 Anthems out and kill him on turn 10.


The Finishes’es’es

So 11-5 overall and 94th place, which made me satisfied, because I’d never done anything like this before so it was a real test of my endurance. I also left with 325 additional funzie points so I’m currently over 650 PWP this season.

Paul top 8ed the Modern open with his CATNS deck and won 25euros and a pile of boosters which was great for him seeing how he went 1-3 drop with UB Control.

Ash finished 4-1-4 with WRR.

Harrison finished 3-6 (I think) but won every game one with his Burning Vengeance deck.

Don’t have a clue how Mark finished, but he played UB Zombies.

That evening we got back pretty late Paul, Harrison and I went to bed whilst Ash and Mark had a romantic Pizza in the back of the Fiesta because the take away had kicked them out because it was late, Mark and Ash both spent a lot of time with each other, it was one of our running jokes.

In the morning we woke to Ash’s banging on the door, we then found out that there was a snow storm so we had to leave quite swiftly. We got the boat back; we did a bit of Modern testing for PTQ Cambridge then docked and Ash dropped me at mine and I went to bed.


Final Thoughts

I would like to thank everyone from Team MK (Kev, Neil Douse, James A, Stu sellers, Russ D), Team Nottingham (Matt Light, JT and the rest) and of course everyone from my local Bedford FNM (Jamie Burnett, Scott Benson and Alan Garland Garland, Dimitri and Lubs), I would also like to thank my dad for teaching me to play the game in the 1990’s and buying 50% of my collection thank you so much dad 🙂 One last thanks goes to Georgi Katz who believed in me all weekend 😉 Sorry if I missed anyone.

Hopefully this didn’t bore anyone, it’s hardly a literary marvel like the Hungry Caterpillar but it will do, hope to see everyone at events around the UK in the next few months 🙂

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing,




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