MTG UK Pro Tour Qualifier Schedule for June-August 2012

2011 Pro Tour Honolulu Qualifiers – PTQ Honolulu Schedule


The locations of the next round of Pro Tour Qualifiers celebrating the release of the first set in the next block, code-named Hook, are now available.

The PTQ Format for this season will be Standard. More information on this format can be found here. Wizards of the Coast will provide the winner of a PTQ event with a flight to the Pro Tour event.

Chimera Nottingham
2nd June 2012 (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Chimera will be also running their World Magic Cup Qualifier (WMCQ) on that Saturday of that weekend.

Spellbound Games
9th June 2012

16th June 2012

Firestorm Games
21st July 2012

Fanboy 3
28th July 2012

Axion Comics
4th August 2012

Milton Keynes
Wargames Workshop (Milton Keynes Magic)
11th August 2012




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