GWB Tokens Win-a-Box Tournament Report by Mark Turney

GWB Tokens Win-a-Box Tournament Report by Mark Turney


Hi guys,

This is my first tournament report for mtgUK. At the weekend, I played my GWB Tokens deck at the Manaleak Monthly Win-a-Box Standard Tournament— and won! Heres what happened…

The Deck List

4x Gather the Townsfolk
4x Lingering Souls
4x Midnight Haunting
4x Intangible Virtue
4x Honor of the Pure
1x Increasing Devotion
3x Tragic Slip
2x Doom Blade
2x Go for the Throat
2x Surgical Extraction
4x Hero of Bladehold

1x Forest
2x Swamp
6x Plains
4x Razorverge Thicket
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Isolated Chapel
3x Gavony Township


2x Stony Silence
2x Celestial Purge
1x Purify the Grave
2x Timely Reinforcements
2x Elspeth Tirel
2x Oblivion Ring
1x Naturalize
2x Ray of Revelation
1x Revoke Existence

The Swiss

Round 1:

My first opponent was Rhys Bainbridge running a B/R Vampires list. Our first match Rhys started off fairly aggressively and burned me down to 11 life within the first few turns but I managed to stabilize out due to a few draws of just land from him which allowed me to just come back and storm over him without taking any more damage.

Game 2 started off with a turn 2 Gather the Townsfolk from me, Followed up by a turn 2 Furnace scamp from my opponent. On my turn 3 I planted down and Intangible Virtue and attacked in for 4. Rhys then took his turn 3 and failed to play a land and just passed the turn back. I untapped my land played a 4th swung in for 4 again then passed the turn to Rhys who managed to draw a 3rd land and played it out then passed the turn. During his end step I played a Midnight Haunting getting myself a further 2 tokens on the board. I then untapped drew a card which as far as I can remember correctly was an Honor of the Pure I played it out followed by a second Intangible Virtue in my hand. Rhys responded to the second one by burning one of my spirits. But when his draw came and he failed to find a 4th land the game was over.

I started out with a 2-0 Victory.

Round 2:

Round 2 I was paired up against Johnathan Randle who was piloting U/B Control.

Johnathan won the dice roll and set off. I kept an okay hand and within the first few turns saw no counter spells and quickly got him down to 6 life. At which point he found himself his first board sweeper. The next turn I played out a couple more tokens to go with the 1 Anthem I had out at the time and passed it back. He then manage to find a second sweeper setting me back to nothing on board.

A few turns then went by as I repeatedly found 3 land in a row on the top of my library while he dug through his library for one of his win conditions. He eventually found a Grave Titan and cast it then passed it back to me. I found a Gather the Townsfolk on the top of my deck and played it and passed the turn back. He started by swinging in with his Grave Titan. I blocked a token trading one of my Humans away for a zombie then cast a Tragic Slip targeting his Titan. He responded by using a Dissipate on it. Then in his second main phase cast a Sorin Markov and picked off my remaining Token and passed the turn back. I looked at the top card of my library which was a plains and extended the hand.

In game 2 I decided to play and kept a fairly solid hand. I played out a turn 2 Gather followed by a turn 3 virtue. He then played out a Ratchet Bomb and sacrificed it during my next attack phase. I passed the turn back without playing anything. He played out another Ratchet Bomb and at the end of his turn I cast a Midnight Haunting. He allowed it to resolve. Then in my first main I cast out an Honor and went to swing in for 6 forcing him to sac his bomb. I passed the turn back again and he played out a third ratchet bomb and passed the turn back.

On my turn I cast a Hero of Bladebold and the passed it back. During my end step he dispatched my Hero with a Doom Blade and put a counter on his ratchet bomb then continued onto his turn. He played out a Grave titan tapping out. On my turn I drew a Gather and played it out along with a Celestial Purge targeting his Grave Titan. Again at the end step he upped the Ratchet Bomb to 2 and then untapped and sacrificed it to destroy my Anthem effects then swung in for 4. I let it through and took my first 4 damage. He passed the turn back over to me.

On my turn I played a Virtue that I had held back expecting the Bomb to be going after my anthems and swung in for 4. On his next turn he played out a Karn Liberated and exiled my Anthem effect then swung in with his zombies and I double blocked one. Over the next few turns I just drew land and Tragic Slips which were exiled by Karn. By the time his remaining 2/2 had got me to 8 life I finally drew a spell I could cast which was a Go for the Throat on his zombie token. Again I started to draw land after land after land. With the occasional Anthem effect thrown in.

The next several turns were just him exiling something with Karn and digging through his deck to find a way to win the game. He played out a Curse of Death’s hold which was pretty much game over at that point although I noticed he was getting rather low on cards left in his deck and since he had milled his Black Sun’s Zenith I thought I would hold on and hope his Sorin Markov was one of the last 2 cards in his deck (my only real out at that point). After about 8 turns of neither of us really doing anything he eventually found his Sorin 6 cards from the bottom of his deck and slowly began to ping me to death. I never found my second Celestial Purge and ended up losing the match.

0-2 Loss.

Round 3:

Round 3 I was paired up against Nicky Dalton who was playing a G/B/W Birthing Pod deck.

Game 1 started off with my playing a bunch of tokens with no Anthems and him playing a bunch of random 1/1’s and 2/2’s which neither of us particularly wanted to trade away. Although I managed to pick away at him with a couple of spirits until he was down to 8 life. Eventually I dropped and Elspeth and made my first mistake of the day by using her -2 ability to make 3 1/1 white soldiers. On the next turn Nicky top decked his 6th land and cast a Massacre Wurm from hand and wiped my board and hit me for 14 damage down to 6 life Ouch! He then went to combat and killed off my Elspeth with his Solemn Simulacrum. He passed the turn back to me I looked at the top card saw a Forest and extended my hand out.

Game 2 started out very similarly only I managed to get 1 Honor down and then on my turn 4 I played out a Hero played out a couple of blocked and managed to muster enough power to take down my Hero but it put him down to a fairly low life total. Then on my second main phase I played out a second Hero and his face just sunk. I was pretty sure at that point I had the game locked up and I did.

Game 3 started very much like the 2nd game only I didn’t hit my turn 4 hero. He infacted ended up with an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite out on field but in response to it landing and killing my tokens I cast a Tragic Slip on her. I then top decked 2 Hero’s in a row to lock the game up.

Round 4:

In this round I was paired up against Ky Davis who was playing a G/W Birthing Pod deck splashing red for Kessig Wolf Run.

Neither me or Ky can remember exactly what happened in these games.

The result ended up being a 2-1 win to me.

The game I lost Ky dropped an Elesh Norn and beat me down with a Predator Ooze.

The third game Ky dropped 2x Sword of War and Peace (my deck’s nemesis since I only have white creatures). However I pretty much drew all of my removal spells and began removing every creature he equipped with the swords.

Round 5:

I was paired up against Peter Battiscombe running a G/R aggro deck. Because we were both 3-1-0 we decided to ID this match and go and get some food since we were guaranteed top 8 with the draw.

1-1 Draw.

The Top 8

Quarter Finals

Opponent: Mark Kelly running W/B tokens.

Game 1 was a very one sided game. I won the roll and took the play but after playing out 2 Anthems and a Gather I failed to draw any more token generating spells and was quickly run over by a large horde of fliers.

Game 2 I again went on the play and dropped a turn 4 Hero which was responded to with an O-ring. I then quickly dropped a second Hero and began to pick away at Mark through his blockers.

Game 3 Mark went on the play and had a turn 4 Hero which I swiftly dealt with using a Go for the Throat. I played my own Hero which was then dealt with by another Oblivion Ring. I then on the next turn dropped another Hero of Bladehold. Mark looked a little bit worried but didn’t seem too phased by it. He himself on the following turn dropped his own Hero. The board now looked like this:

Mark K – 2x 2/2 Spirit Tokens and a Hero.

Me – 2x 2/2 Human Tokens and a Hero of my own.

On the next turn I swung in with everything since my opponent would have had to block with at least 2 creatures to survive if I were to pump with a Gavony Township. He blocked only with Hero on Hero and I pumped for the win. Mark scooped and then said that he couldn’t see my Township and said I should have offered to take it back. But at that point he had already scooped up his permanents.

Result 2-1 Win

Semi Finals

Opponent: Andrew Quinn running a kind of Esper Control deck.

I can’t remember exactly what happened game for game however I will give a brief overview of the match.

I think it was the first game I started out with a nice curve of turn 2 Honor turn 3 Virtue turn 4 Hero turn 5 swing in for 10. I then repeated that next turn for the win.

The second game I was on the draw and got off to a very similar start to the first game only on turn 5 after attacking I played out a second Hero of Bladehold right into a Day of Judgment. I then found a Gather which was taken out by a Timely Reinforcements and the tokens that come with it! I then failed to draw a creature for a couple of turns until Andrew had landed an Elesh Norn. I found some chump blockers for a couple of turns but no answers and eventually drew a land and extended the hand as he swung in for something like 30 odd damage.

The final game Andrew had to mulligan twice. I felt bad for him but was rather relieved. I kept a hand consisting of a Gather the Townsfolk, 2 Anthems and 4 land. On each draw step I was rewarded by 1 more anthem and 2 Lingering souls. I quickly picked away at Andrews life total with my 4/4 Humans and ended up winning the game without too much trouble since he was a stuck for land on a mull to 5.

Result: 2-1 Win


Opponent: Daniel Tulcan running G/R Wolf Run Ramp.

Game 1: The game started with a turn 2 Rampant Growth from Daniel and a turn 2 Gather the Townfolk from myself. The next turn I attacked with both tokens and 1 was met by a Galvanic Blast to the face and I got in for the first point of damage. I passed the turn back without casting any spells and Daniel cast a couple of Sphere of the Suns. At the end of his turn I played out a Midnight Haunting and continued onto my turn. I played out an Anthem effect which was met by another Galvanic Blast and Daniel took another 4 damage. I then cast out Lingering Souls from the graveyard but my board was then wiped out by a Slagstorm.

On the next turn I spent my mana reinvesting my board with the Lingering Souls from the graveyard and again was Slagstormed away. I then cast the last remaining token spell in my hand which was met by a third Slagstorm from Daniel. Daniel followed it up with a Primeval Titan fetching up his Inkmoth Nexus’. I killed the Titan immediately then each time he swung in and pumped his Inkmoths I would Tragic slip the pumped one. I unfortunately ran out of Slips before he did Inkmoths!

Game 2: Began with me having a slow start until turn 4 when I cast a Hero of Bladehold which was a 4/5 due to the Honor of the pure I had run out the previous turn. I swung in and hit Daniel down to about half life. On his turn he invested all his mana and removal spells into killing my Hero. I untapped drew and played a second Hero from my hand and Daniel’s face just dropped. I swung in again with my tokens picking away a bit more of Daniel’s life total. I passed the turn back. Daniel appeared to go into the tank for a good couple of minutes until he finally played out a few trump blockers and passed the turn back. I Tragic Slipped his Llanowar Elves and swung in for the win.

Final Game of the Finals!

I would like to say that this game was EPIC and extremely skilful on both parts. Unfortunately it started with us both choosing to Mulligan to 6 then I got stuck on 1 land and Daniel was stuck with just 2x Inkmoth Nexus and slowly ticking my up a few points of Poison.

Turn 3 I think it was I drew my first land but it was an Isolated Chapel and entered the battlefield tapped. I then went upto 4 poison and drew my 3rd land. I played out the Razorverge Thicket and looking at my hand containing 2x Hero of Bladehold 1x Tragic Slip 1x Naturalize 1x Go Doom blade and 1x Celestial Purge. I quickly passed the turn back with a little comment “I really shouldn’t have kept this hand!” I said this in the hope of baiting Daniel into going for the win via poison since he was now upto 2x Inkmoth Nexus 1x Copperline Gorge and 2x Sphere of the Suns. I am not sure if my bluff worked or whether he was planning to or not but he activated both Inkmoth Nexus’s and went to his combat phase. I Naturalized the first one and Tragic Slipped the second setting him back down to 3 mana sources. His face was a picture. I found it really hard not to smile after killing off the second Inkmoth.

He passed the turn back to me after playing a tapped Rootbound Crag. I untapped drew and saw a Gavony Township I put it into play and played out a Hero. I saw a look of panic on my opponents face at this point I passed the turn back and he played out a Huntmaster of the Fells putting himself upto 22 life and having 2 blockers. On my next turn I swung in with my Hero which he double blocked with the Huntmaster and its token to trade with my Hero. I then in my second main phase cast the second Hero from my hand. I passed the turn back and again he went into the tank for a couple of minutes. Finally he played out a Green Sun’s Zenith fetching a second Huntmaster then cast a Birds of Paradise from hand. He passed the turn back tapped out and with 3 blockers. I untapped. Cast the Celestial Purge from my hand targeting his Huntmaster. I then Doom Bladed the wolf and swung in with the team for the win.

Result: 2-1 Win

Final Thoughts

I would like to thank everyone at Manaleak for making us all feel so welcome at your store. I would like to thank all my opponents for nice friendly fun matches. I look forward to visiting your store again. I would also like to thank everyone that came from Firestorm Games for all the support and for helping me to feel relaxed sat around the table during the finals. Was a really good day out and look forward to doing it again soon!

Last but not least for those that might be wandering.

The changes I would make to my deck after this tournament.

I am going to trial swapping out 1 Township and 1 other land for 2x Vault of the Archangel.

Other than that I think the list is fairly solid. Feel free to trial it yourself. The may retrial the mana base including 2x Evolving Wilds since I now need to find specific colours of mana for the colourless ones but not 100% sure on that as in an earlier build it made the lands coming in tapped turn 2/3 a nightmare.

Thank you for reading.

Mark Turney


Please let us know what you think below...

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