Firestorm Fairies at Manaleak Worcester Win-a-Box Tournament Report by Mark Kelly

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad


Yo, my experience at ManaLeak was a great one, met a bunch of cool guys and made some new friends. I was glad they sold single cards, as it was easy to get cards this way by trading them from cards from my folder which was cool (finally got 4 whipflare!). I played a W/B token deck using Sorin’s emblem as well as 8 Anthem effects to boost the raw power of tokens very quickly. I haven’t really playtested the deck at all, as I was certain I’d be playing with my zombies but after trading for the Sorin’s and finally getting the deck done-and-dusted I thought I would give it go.

The Swiss

1ST ROUND: Played a sort of a mirror match; my opponent was sacrificing his humans to get morbid triggers with Skirsdag High Priest and also this 2-1 flying guy who was getting big quickly. My deck has very little removal but a ton of blockers to annoy my opponent. He was also running Fiend Hunters, Hero of Bladeholds and Gather the Townsfolk. I managed to get an air force quickly with Lingering Souls and do enough damage before he could take the game with his ground guys.

In game two he pounded me in the face with four 5/5 flying demons (he played turn 2 gather turn 3/4 high priest), he then commented “thats the most flying demons I have had ever in one game”, just my luck of course.

In the 3rd game he kept a hand with no white and paid for it as my Blade Splicer tokens got in there over and over he blocked to keep himself alive but it was a losing battle and they got the job done!


2ND ROUND: My 2nd round opponent was running a G/B undying pod, I know the deck is good but only when it has pod on the field does it do crazy things, he also had the Glissa the TraitorRatchet bomb combo.

First game I curved out beautifully; turn 1 Champion of the Parish, turn 2 Gather the Townsfolk, turn 3 Llingering Souls, turn 4 two copies of Honor of the Pure, swing for lots. He top decked ratchet bomb blew up my guys, Tragic Slipped my Champion but I had Souls to flashback and took the game when he looked at his top card.

Game 2 sideboarding was easy as I had Mirran Crusaders in the side for the green ramp decks that can get out of hand. I kept a 2 lander and needed a 3rd land to plant my Crusader, I got the land and went to town. His face was abit :/, bummer to say the least. He was mana screwed on the black mana and planted a Birds of Paradise and I quickly used Go for the Throat on the Birds and kept going to town with an Honor of the Pure pumped Crusader then down came Sorin to pass his emblem on. He hard cast this morbid guy that gave him 5 life Hollowhenge Scavenger or something? Then he hard cast Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite but I showed him my Oblivion Ring in my hand and we shook hands ‘thanks for playing’.

3RD ROUND: I knew these rounds would be tough being 2-0 so far out of 26 people, I was up against the good Delver of Secrets version in my eyes, Geist of Saint Traft, Runechanter’s Pikes, Swords etc.

First game was awakard, he Gitaxian Probed me, he Pondered then flashbacked Ponder then finally played a threat in Geist on like turn 5 :/ I had so many tokens and anthem effects giving me vigliance plus raw power. He swung in with the Geist, me not being a fool knowing he has Vapor Snags in his deck, blocked with 3 guys so he couldn’t Snag, Snapcaster Mage, Snag, he said good play and we went to game 2.

Game 2 on the other hand was very different and I was stuck for black mana for my double Sorin hand (one of them I dropped on the table by accident, to which he said “Ooo0 nice sorin”) that was annoying. After some savage blocking from both of us he used Timely Reinforcements and gained life getting 3 guys in the process, but was out of cards, now topdecking. I finally got black mana, granted it was a Shimmering Grotto (woot!), so I started making vamps with Sorin.

In 4 turns he top decked like this ‘Sword of War and Peace, followed by Runechanter’s Pike followed by another Sword then another Pike. This led to me just smiling and going “Great” as I drew plains…. he said “If only the vamp tokens were white this be over”, I commented back “If they were flying, this would be over”. The mind games started with me only having a plains in hand but tapping mana at end of his turn as if I had a spell he was really thinking each turn over and over. He finally had to block my Doomed Traveler and at last I had a flier who got the last 2 damage over the top of him and I won 2-0, now 3-0 at the event.

4TH ROUND: We worked out that 3-1-1 would get the job done in making top 8 but there was three of us on 9 points and one person on 7 points so one of the 9 pointers would have to play and of course it was me again! This time my opponent was playing G/B Conley ramp, again Ratchet Bomb-Glissa combo.

First game I played alot of tokens not knowing what deck he was the first 4 turns he just played land, I got in for some damage and didn’t over extend knowing that one Black Sun’s Zenith could hurt big time. Of course right on time he Zenithed my board which I was fine with. Then next turn I played 3 threats and said your go. Of course the second Zenith wiped the board, now I was worried. I had Souls flashback and went with flying damage over and over, I held my o-ring in hand for a possible’Wurmcoil Engine or I offered the ID at the start of the game but we were not sure if he could definitely make it so we played it out.

Game 2 was boring, he Zenithed twice, Ratchet Bombed once and it just went longer and longer; land after land for both of us. I had 2 Honor of the Pure, nerfing his [card]Curse of Deaths Hold">Batterskull/card] (I can’t race them) and it happened he planted Wurmcoil which I O-ringed; he sighed looked at the top card and I got the game.

I offered the ID at the start of the game but we were not sure if he could definitely make it so we played it out.

Game 2 was boring, he Zenithed twice, Ratchet Bombed once and it just went longer and longer; land after land for both of us. I had 2 Honor of the Pure, nerfing his [card]Curse of Deaths Hold. It then came to a point were he needed Zenith again, he said he doesn’t have it in hand, so I said flip the top card do it in exciting fashion! I had my hand ready to shake he flipped it and it was the Zenith again; Marks luck again. Lingering Souls with flashback hit him for 4 once, twice, then three times to make it game (souls is so good, t0o powerful), but it was a hard match and my head was killing me.

5th ROUND: Being undefeated and paired up against Jonathan Randle (top 8 at worlds 2010) I went up to him, he knew what I was going to say so we shook hands and said see you in the top 8, I thought he might have played after having beaten 4 Firestorm Fairies guys along the way, he could have made it 5 😛

The Top 8

Quarter Finals: Before this game started I took a painkiller to try and soothe my headache and tried to focus on the task at hand. This was pretty much a mirror match, I was facing fellow Firestorm Fairy Mark Turney who was running a token based deck using Green/White with Gavony Township, he also had a splash of black for removal spells. I felt pretty confident in this match up especially in game 2/3 with sideboarded ‘Swords of War and Peaces’. I also feel that ‘Sorin, Lord of Innistrad’ giving me another anthem affect which puts me ahead.

Game one started of with him winning the die roll, he played out a turn two Gather the Townsfolk and an Intanigle Virtue on turn three. My draw, on the other hand, was a turn two ‘Honor of the Pure’ followed by a ‘Lingering Souls’ which I then flashbacked on turn four. He didn’t seem to draw very well or he kept a very dodgy hand as my flying tokens hit him over and over to take game one.

I was very relieved to win game one as I knew I had a better chance game 2/3 and also I would be on the play for game three if I dropped game two.

In game two I unfortunely had to mulligan a fantastic hand that only had one land, I then drew for my six and again only had one land. If I was on the play I would of mulliganed again but having two draw phases and running 24 land thought I’d keep it and it definitely paid off. One Anthem affect in hand and a Lingering Souls was exactly what the doctor ordered. I revoked his anthem affect but he used Ray of Revelation on mine.

He then continued to draw more Anthem affects over and over but I still had him on the ropes with my fliers picking away, he then dropped a Hero which I O-ringed away. You know when you can sometimes read people’s faces in Magic? Well this was definitely one of those moments. I had him on three life with three flying spirits I had a feeling he had nothing in hand that could stop them next turn and he looked worried. He then drew for the turn hit me for four with two human tokens putting me at three life. He passed the turn, I top decked a land laid it on the table and swung in for lethal.

I thought he was just playing the game out to maybe trick me into not attacking but he had top decked Midnight Haunting to block two of my spirits and only take one damage. I then died on the swing back, if I was on the play that game I would of won.

Game three I started with an Anthem affect followed by a Lingering Souls. He then planted a Hero of Bladehold which I O-ringed, but then he planted a second Hero of Bladehold the following turn. Inside I wished I had sideboarded in my Go for the Throats to take care of them as they get out of hand and fast! I didn’t give anything away with my facial expressions and played my own Hero. It was a stalemate for a while but I was on 16 life feeling pretty good wheras he only had 6 life.

He swung with his guys with only one card in hand, I cleverly blocked his Hero with my Hero so there was no morbid trigger and took 12 damage knowing I had the win on the swing back, but all of a sudden he pumped his guys with a Gavony Township that I could not see under his 5 lands that he was tapping all at once all the time. I knew this was annoying and unfortunate as I could not call a judge on this to re-arrange my blockers. I said to him being a friend he should take it back knowing how messy his lands were and even if he did I think I would of been in trouble as I would of had to block another token/creature, it then would have come down to my next top deck. A simple Sword of War and Peace in game 2/3 would of put this match to bed and I would of been on to semi’s but it was not to be.

Final Thoughts

I can’t complain to much, I was undefeated with a deck I only played first on Friday (sub par version). I am the new number One in Wales woot! 😀 (thanks Pete for reminding me not that its a big thing anyway) I also got all my Sorin’s for my deck as well as other cards and I opened up a Geist of Saint Traft in my booster prizes (as well as a Heartless Summoning).

Overall a great day of magic was had, I would like to thank Mana Leak for holding the event and putting up with our odd sense of humour, like to thank Ky Davies for driving us there (hopefully do this again next month)? If so count me in!

I really love Magic!



Can anyone think of a good Koth deck?

Please let us know what you think below...

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