Faithless Jund & Glasgow PTQ Mini Report – Shared Discovery by Rob Wagner

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Hi all! The Scottish PTQ has been and gone and it was won by Mick Edwards playing a tweak of my Bant list from my last article (and borrowing most of the cards from me in the process :p). Congratulations to Mick! The field in Glasgow was largely what you’d expect except for a noticeable absence of the Assault-Loam deck. There was a predominance of Jund, Tron, UB Delver, Caw-Blade, Bant, Splinter Twin, and many more decks besides. This Modern format really is quite wide open right now.

So if I lent my cards to Mick, what did I play?

Well, since Mick was more keen on the Bant list than I was I turned to an old champion in an open metagame. Starting from the basis that I really wanted to open Inquisition of Kozilek into Dark Confidant into Liliana of the Veil as often as possible I looked at decks which could do that sort of thing.

I decided on playing Jund as the raw power of the cards would help me through in an open field, although I accepted that I wouldn’t get many free wins and would have to work for it. I found a few cards that were currently underplayed which I felt really added to the deck – Huntmaster of the Fells and Darkblast for the sideboard. Another piece of tech fell on my lap late on the evening before the event. Alex Gershaw (who came 3rd, congrats!) drove up Mick (1st), Andy Devine (9th) and myself (13th) to Glasgow on the Friday night to stay with ex-Leeds compatriot Kenny Hall. We went to a Weatherspoons  and as we were pulling into the Car Park, Rob Catton had texted me to tell me to try out a Faithless Looting. My first response was “that could be alright, I’ll have a think” and by the time I had a pint in my hand I’d figured out how to play 2 in the main deck.

Here was the list I eventually registered:

I was supposed to have 3 Thorns in the board but couldn’t get hold of a third. In all honesty though, despite not playing vs Storm at the event I don’t think they’re worth the slot anyway. I’d rather spend them on something more versatile like Grafdigger’s Cage or Torpor Orb. The rest of the deck I was very happy with, opting to omit Raging Ravine after testing because it was coming in tapped inopportunely too much compared to how often I was activating it (read: basically never).

The Faithless Lootings were really strong, enabling me to sift through terrible draws and keep hands that needed a bit of work. E.g. on the play vs Affinity I had Blackcleave Cliffs[card], [card]Darkblast, Tarmogoyf, Lightning Bolt, Inquisition of Kozilek, Bloodbraid Elf and Faithless Looting, which I was able to keep and draw into a couple of lands discarding Bloodbraid and Darkblast. I quickly drew into Ancient Grudge and Jund Charm that game too and won it very easily as a result. It was also a star vs a UB Delver deck where I was drawing lands but was able to loot them away. 2 Faithless Looting casts later and my 3 lands had turned into Liliana, Kitchen Finks, Terminate – score!

If you’re considering playing Jund then I’d definitely give Faithless Lootings a try. I felt like 2 was a good amount as you don’t really want to Bloodbraid into it every single time but it offers you a lot of value for a deck that needs to hit lands #3 and #4 but doesn’t really care about #6+.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing.



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