The Best Poker Chip Cases



Perhaps you are looking for a gift your favorite poker player will adore. Maybe you are the poker player in your family and you want to get ahold of an impressive set to show off when your buddies come to play a few hands. Either way, there are numerous types of poker chip cases on the market. The problem you may be facing is deciding which one is the best. By comparing different types, styles and upgrades available, you can determine what would be the best poker case for you or to give as a gift. The key is to think about how the set will be used. In addition, consider the personal style and taste of the recipient.

Start by establishing the size you need. You can find poker chip cases in an assortment of sizes. To determine how many chips you need, think about how many people will typically play using the set. For instance, if you plan to host three or four guys around the kitchen table, a set of 300 to 500 chips will likely be more than sufficient. If your parties tend to become rather large or if you are planning a major casino night, on the other hand, you could need a case that contains 1,000 chips or even more.

Another factor to consider is the material. Poker chip cases come in everything from acrylic and aluminum to leather or wood and other compositions. When deciding which of these is best, it is mostly a matter of taste. A case in a richly stained wood finish is stylish and classy, making it a nice option for gift giving or to show off in your game room. Acrylic and aluminum cases are lightweight and portable. Not only can you carry them virtually anywhere, but they are stylish as well. Look at several types of cases and notice what stands out most to you.

Finally, you should consider prices. You can find poker chip cases to fit any budget, for as little as $20 or less and as much as a thousand bucks or more. By establishing how much you can comfortably spend and then considering the features you want, you will quickly find the best poker case for you or your gift recipient.

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