The Modern Metagame – Marshalls Anthem with Lewis Marshall

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My experience in Modern, is a lot of weird ideas I have tried to make work… and failed, a few half decent decks that work to a degree and some competitive decks I’ve played around with. I have tried to play with as many different deck ideas as possible, with tweaking , and altering them as much as possible, and so far I have a very small list of decks I like personally. The lists may change from person to person depending on what your preference is, so I’m going to split them up in to 3 categories (the bad, the good, the recommended), and talk a little bit on some of the decks.

The Bad.

Death cloud
Ad Nauseam
Summoning trap

Death cloud: While this deck is in the bad section, it is actually “ok”, more often then not you win with just hand disruption and Planeswalkers. The Death Clouds in the deck are just a “I win more” card which the deck doesn’t actually need.

Fae: There are a few Fae decks going around at the moment, either playing red for some burn and Splinter Twin, or green and being more creature based. At the moment I’ve only played the green version so cant comment on the red one. The deck was fun to play, and could have some super amazing starts, but it just didn’t feel like it would work in a format full of removal, things might change now with no Punishing Fire in the format, but that’s something we will have to wait for.

Summoning Trap: This is a interesting deck that I played against the other day, I liked the idea so built my own and it worked to a extent… but then I found it was horribly temperamental, and if u drew too many of your big monsters, then you just lose. The deck mainly involves mana ramp and big guys, and uses Summoning Trap, Windbrisk Heights, and Mosswort Bridge, to cheat into play your Eldrazis, Knight of the Reliquary and Titans. Primeval Titans adds so much to the deck with the ability to search for the lands being quite relevant and being quite fat themselves.

The Good.

Project Melira
U/W Illusions
Super Friends
Splinter Twin
Past in Flames
Martyr Proc

Martyr Proc: Those of you who have played against me in Modern know how much I love playing this deck. Controls is an amazing matchup as you have infinite time, aggros an amazing matchup because you gain a billion life and on top of it all, the decks just so much fun to play! The reason its just in The Good pile however, and not in The Recommended pile is because the decks success depends on how many mirror matches you expect on the day. This is because, the more Martyr decks there are in the room; the less you want to play the deck… unless you have something that breaks the mirror.

U/W Illusions: This deck is sort of my own creation, it plays like a fish deck, and can get some quite beefy guys out quite quickly whilst keeping up with card advantage with countermagic back up. However, this deck suffers in environments with a lot of mass removal, and with the rise in Gifts and Teachings decks recently; the deck is becoming a worse and worse choice.

Super Friends: A deck I’ve played with a lot! This deck is so much fun to play and will let you do some ridiculous things in control matchups. Leyline of Anticipation can let you play like a draw go deck that can Wrath and make Planeswalkers at instant speed (like a real control deck should!). All your Planeswalkers are threats as they do so much work for your game. In a lot of my games with the deck; my opponent would simply just scooped because of how much card advantage the deck has generated. It is on the borderline of The Recommended, the only reason its not on there is because you need to know the format, and be at least a average control player– its not the type of deck you can pick up and play straight away.

The Recommended (Ugly!).

Zoo variants.

Even Wild Nacatl no longer in Modern, Zoo variants are still probably the strongest decks in the format. Steppe Lynx, Kird Ape and Loam Lions are all powerful replacements that do a half-decent job of copying the 1 mana 3/3. Whether you play Counter cat, Tribal Zoo, or regular Zoo the deck is super strong, resilient and it is going to continue to be one of the best decks in the format.

Just before I finish, I do want to mention a deck I’m testing at the moment. A friend of mine, David Inglis, sent me a text a few days ago with a idea he had, then sent me a list a couple of days later and so far the deck has been testing really well. It is a Tezz deck, with so many options its unbelievable. Playing Gifts Ungiven, a Trinket Mage package and Tezzeret the Seeker, the deck can tutor for what ever it likes. It also has many many ways to recur almost everything, literally burying your opponent under with card advantage then uses one of the many combos to win the game.

So there you have, what I’ve learnt so far about the format. However Modern is still a very open format, and the metagame is quickly changing; what we know now about the format for example, will probably change come the end of January.

If you want to talk to me about anything I’ve said in the article, feel free to message me on Facebook or the mtgUK Chat Room.

Cheers for reading,

Lewis Marshall


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