UW Illusions Vs Wolf Run Ramp – Video Gameplay by KlotzProductions

Beginners guide to MTG play mistakes by Kevin Klotz


Hello everybody, this Kevin from KlotzProductions back with another Magic the Gathering video game play match. This match we have Nick play UW Illusions, going up against Alex who is playing Wolf Run Ramp.

Magic the Gathering Highlights Illusions Vs Wolf Run Game 1 (12-09-2011)


Magic the Gathering Highlights Illusions Vs Wolf Run Game 2 (12-09-2011)


Magic the Gathering Highlights Illusions Vs Wolf Run Game 3 (12-09-2011)


Blue / White Illusions Deck List:

4 delver of secrets
4 snapcaster mage
4 lord of the unreal
4 phantasmal bear
3 phantasmal image
3 geist of saint traft

4 mana leak
4 vapor snag
4 ponder
3 gut shot
3 gitaxian probe

4 seachrome coast
4 glacial fortress
3 moorland haunt
9 island


3 flashfreeze
3 celestial purge
3 mental misstep
3 oblivion ring
1 gut shot
1 negate
1 mortarpod

Music by Nathan Wills
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/paradigma
Internet: http://www.nathanwillsmusic.com

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