UK MTG Magic Calendar

UK Magic Calendar

We endeavour to provide as much relevant UK Magic: The Gathering events information as possible, as well as Pro Tours and Grand Prixs. Help increase awareness and turnout to your events by getting your event details added to this calendar. Getting your events listed is completely free, all you have to do is simply email us your event information or send us the event invite on Facebook. Please remember to Share and Like this page on your Facebook page, together we can help more players attend more events and make this project a success.


  • MTG Qualifiers – PTQs, National Qualifiers, Grand Prix Trials and large qualifer events.
  • MTG Pro Level Events – Grand Prixs, Pro Tours, Nationals and World Championships.
  • MTG Weekend Events – Pre-releases, Game Days and other large weekend events.
  • MTG Weekday Events – Club Nights, WNMs, FNMs and other regular week day events.

  • Please email us if you would like to add your shop or games club details and events to this site.
  • Please email us if any of the information on this calendar is incorrect (e.g Shop/club details, event dates etc).

If you would like to add this calendar feature to your website then please insert the following code into your website:

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