GR Wolf Run vs Tempered Steel – Video Gameplay by KlotzProductions and Counterbob8

Beginners guide to MTG play mistakes by Kevin Klotz


Hey everybody, this is Kevin from KlotzProductions back with another Magic The Gathering video gameplay. This time we’re doing something a little bit different, I’m doing a full gameplay dual commentary with Bob, our special guest from Counterbob8. We give our thoughts as Tempered Steel goes up against Wolf Run.

Deck Lists:

Tempered Steel.

4 tempered steel
4 origin spellbomb
4 memnite
4 vault skirge
4 dispatch
4 Glint Hawk idol
4 glint hawk
3 mox opal
4 signal pest
1 mikaeus luninarh
4 etched champion

4 inkmoth nexus
16 plains

4 dismember
4 shrine of loyal legions
4 spellskite
3 celestial purge

Wolf Run.

4 primeval titan
2 inferno titan
4 solemn simulacrum
4 galvanic blast
2 devils play
4 sphere of the suns
4 rampant growth
2 green suns zenith
1 birds of paradise
3 slagstorm
4 garruk primal hunter

4 inkmoth nexus
4 copperline gorge
4 rootbound crag
5 mountain
6 forest
3 kessing wolf run

2 tree redemption
1 slagstorm
2 thrun the last troll
2 ancient grudge
2 sword Feast famine
4 autumn veil
2 beast within

Game 1.

Game 2.

Game 3.

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