Sparks 024: A Jace in the Crowd. A comic by Owain Davies

Sparks 017: Token. A comic by Owain Davies


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Two Planeswalkers walk into a bar…

This comic would have been a whole lot more topical if I’d made it a couple of months ago when Jace the Mind Sculptor got banned in the first place. He’s banned in Modern format too and that’s kinda recent. Right?

So it’s fine to have Jace Beleren. Jace, Memory Adept fine too. But as soon as your blue buddy starts sculpting minds he is outta there.

Pretty glad he got banned. When a bejillion dollar card like that becomes a virtual pre-requisite for Standard decks it makes a format pretty intimidating to get into. I imagine the recent rise in FNM attendance is due in part to his banning.

But what’s this? They’ve banned both Preordain and Ponder in Modern format. Isn’t that like banning milk at breakfast time? Apparently deck consistancy is considered a bad thing if it leads to consistant third turn wins.

I can see their reasoning behind it. It was either ban these two cards or ban a huge swath of powerful combo cards. It does seem like they’re taking away a big reason to play Blue in the first place.


It’s Innistrad pre-release time this weekend and that is ultra exciting.

They’ve really hit the nail on the head with the horror world theme and there’s a whole lot of new stuff to love.

I have the urge to staple together 13 zombie tokens just in case I get the chance to slam them down all in one go with Army of the Damned.

I shall be there at Mana Leak on Sunday. Hope to see you there.


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