Paint to Power – The Lord of the Rings by James Griffin

Altering Commander: The Sissay Project by James Griffin
I had such an awesome idea for a Sol Ring!
It’s not this:
Also, it’s not what this article is about… Well, at least not the rest of the article anyway.
As soon as my air compressor arrives, I’ll nail it, but until then I’m left working totally by hand.
So, it seems like a good time to take some time to do some altering to a theme close to my heart, Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’.
So, I grabbed another Sol Ring and got to work.
I decided to tackle a Tolkien themed Sol Ring, in a similar manner to the divining tops from last time.  The challenge was to make it different and/or better than the others that are out there.  It turns out that there actually aren’t that many ‘One Rings’.  There are a good number of Eyes of Sauron, goes with the fire theme I suppose.  Also, more importantly, painting NMM or Non-metallic Metals, particularly those with reflections is mightily challenging to master.  As a result, I only found a couple of one rings around the Internet, and to be frank I think I could compete.
Firstly I cleaned up the card (it was.  Ahem.  Used.), and began to paint layers of red over the firey ring, leaving the bit of fire at the bottom.  The main principle I was going for last time with the tops was to work in keeping with the original art.  Here I painted with the same aim, keeping the strokes a little choppy and textured (smooth though, with many thin layers) to fit in with the original.
Then I outlined the shape of the ring above the fire.
At about this time I got a rather unpleasant cold, and so it gave me some time to reflect on the shape which wasn’t quite right.  Still, after I’d got to the point when I didn’t just crash into bed after work, I changed the shape and was much happier.  Heh! Some times these articles take ages to write what with real life and all.  At that point I could build the contrast of the colours in the metal, and map out the script.

I’m quite the Tolkein fan, and so I know that the script was only on the inside of the band in ‘real life’, but the film had a point, it is visually pleasing to see it on the outside as well, so I swallowed the purist in me and took some time to practice the script and get it onto the band.  Finally, I yellowed the flames on the original art to give the card a bolder feel and to mitigate some of the fading that the card had experienced over time.
Yep, happy with that.  Next it was time to work on the lower portion of the card, and for me there was only one character that was synonymous with the ring, and that was Golem.  In fact, due to the relatively random way I have remembered to take pictures of the progress, you can see him mapped out above.  I depicted him facing the ring and looking back out of the card.  I wanted him to be a little less saturated colour-wise than the ring (i.e. fewer bright colours), to illustrate him being apart from the object of his affection.  Also, I was keen to keep him painted in the style of the original art to go with the art box.
The border, as you can see it in the picture, is clearly not finished yet.  I want to paint it black, but alas I await the functioning of my airbrush in order to get it properly smooth and uniform.  This will happen soon, but until then, here he is:
I hope you like him.
Bonus, because I was totally in the groove with the Lord of the Rings theme, I decided I had the energy to do another smaller duty alter, this time on my Demonic Tutor.

I took one of the original book covers that Tolkien designed, and painted it on the little book the bad guy in the artwork is holding.  After a couple of hours of working and reworking the same few square millimetres of canvas space, here’s the result:
Until next time, when I will be working on a big historical project (ooh!),

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