Sparks 017: Token. A comic by Owain Davies

Sparks 017: Token. A comic by Owain Davies


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Just to hammer it home one more time ‘Five Colour Conceit’ is now called ‘Sparks’.
I’ll shut up now.

Good for him red doesn’t have  a Goblin Grenade in hand.

Tomorrow is the M12 pre-release and I’ll most definitely be there fighting my corner at Manaleak.

Incidentally this’ll mark my 1 year anniversary of attending (semi) competitive Magic events.

So yeah.

I wanna talk about the most interesting card in M12 for me. Which is strangely enough Arachnus Spinner.

It’s not because I think he’s all that powerful or that I have a secret longing to try Spider tribal deck.

It’s just that his ability to tutor for a specific card in your deck is a very pleasing mechanic to consider.

There’s been plenty of spells that search for duplicates of themselves in the vein of Squadron Hawk or Howling Wolf, to simulate a pack animal of some kind. There have been cards that can be summoned  when you combine several cards, for example, Spirit of the Night, Viashivan Dragon and the Alaran Herald cycle. Oh and there is Nissa Revane, which is pretty similar but not quite.

Either way it opens up a huge portion of design space for magic to move into. How about a Pyromancer with a favourite burn spell, a soldier with a signature weapon or a cleric with a specialisation in protective auras.

Furthermore if WOTC went more in this direction of limited tutoring it lends a safety catch to a mechanic which has, historically, led to some pretty broken combos. If they can limit the possibilities of a fetch card then they can cost the spell more realistically with a good idea as to what it can potentially achieve. I ask you- would Stoneforge Mystic have been so broken if it only reached for its Trusty Machete?

Let’s end with a question.
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve used as a creature token?

Good look at the Pre-release. May all your Rares be bombs…..unless it affects my chances of winning. 🙂


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