Just for Thrum with Brad Pearce

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Its time again for another ‘just for fun‘ deck. As many of you know I love competitive magic, and I think it is possible to play casually and competitively and to separately the two. You do this by making intrinsic card choices, less based on the meta. If Jon turns up with 4 Manic Vandals in response to the artifact combo deck I played last week then the meta will soon turn into competitive play, and there is nothing wrong with that; it’s sort of like, I bring a knife, you a gun, me a tank, then you a Jace.

This is like the difference between Fencing, Dueling and Trial by Combat. Fencing is about perfect form; it may be easier to just swing the broadsword, but that’s not what it is about. The same way, you don’t turn up with your foil when facing off a Germanic Warlord accused of pillaging — that’s when you whip out the battleaxe and shield.

So today’s deck is working more on the ‘ignore them’ lets perform the perfect [insert ability]. That’s what Dredge does after all, or indeed ‘The Perfect Storm’.

Thrumming is making a constant humming sound, usually associated with playing a musical instrument. Washington monument, a replication of earlier ‘phallic monuments’ from ancient Egypt, is alleged to depict the pyramidal structure of society and the ascension of man to his place in the universe; at least according to contemporary Egyptian scholars.

Thrumming Stone is therefor a singing penis, and I must make a deck around him. So I set out to think of all the possible ways to abuse the stone; this took about 2 seconds as the only card I could think of worth playing with it was Relentless Rats.

So you play the stone, you play the rats, hopefully hit some more rats, then it happens again and again, and then they die the following turn either to rats, or Tendrils.

So for the math, how many rats? It work’s out at 18 will do it, but I really want it to work, so 19. I need the stone in play, some multipurpose acceleration will be welcome, Dark Ritual and Ebon Stronghold will help get to the sweet number 5. They are cheap (and easy to get) and don’t really hinder us, just so long as we have the stone in play, we don’t care about anything else.

Roger Rat

4 x Ebon Stronghold
4 x Ancient Tomb
4 x Phyrexian Tower
19 x Relentless Rats
4 x Thrumming Stone
4 x Dark Ritual
4 x Blood Pet
3 x Culling the Weak
1 x Lightning Greaves
1 x Tendrils of Agony

12 x Swamp

Again, another stupid deck, but a lot of fun to play. Hope you have fun with this one, it is hilarious when someone first sees the stone and goes, ‘naaah, that isn’t going to be an issue.’. The Stone also recycles, so your left with a fairly decent number of card in your library.

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