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Occasionally I have this wave of nostalgia come over me.  It makes me want to build a really stupid deck, and I mean really, really stupid.  I occasionally remember standing in my local store, opening an Urza’s Legacy booster, and jumping with glee at seeing Mother of Runes.  I do love competitive magic, but the reminder of when and how I learned to play keeps the game fun when I’m racing for day two and I’m mana screwed.

So I decided, I’m going to build a stupid deck, it is going to belong to me, and hopefully someone new to the game will take this article and have as much fun with the deck as I did with an Angels deck I got from Brian David Marshall over a decade ago.

So the theme… Yes every stupid deck has to have a theme.  Back in the day, Vampire decks were considered stupid, as were Dragons; however Standard Vampires and Dragonstorm have rendered my quips mute.  I didn’t think Minotaurs would ever be cool, so I rolled with that.

So I started to look for cards.  I came across Didgeridoo – that was begging to be abused.  Then I thought, well, “Changelings are Minotaurs right?”

Changeling Titan would make a funny and dumb card to drop with Didgeridoo and Kazuul Warlord would make my creatures better, faster, stronger.  Changeling Hero could also bring the beats with lifelink and cheap acceleration from Llanowar Elves, Woodland Changeling, and Gemhide Sliver could be hilarious.  Runed Stalactite and Kheer Keep would also carry the beat train forward.

At this point my ideas had run away, and I needed to consolidate the deck into something I could actually play – with a massive grin on my face when I play an Elvish Harbinger with the Didgeridoo on the battlefield.

I started to look towards more land that I could use to keep the fire burning after my initial onslaught of stupidity.  Swampyard would do nicely; allowing me to keep my fatties up and running, and Riptide Laboratory would make my creatures Blinking Spirit.


4 x Changeling Titan

1 x Imperious Perfect

4 x Changeling Hero

1 x Tribal Golem

2 x Kazuul Warlord

2 x Avian Changeling

4 x Woodland Changeling

2 x Gemhide Sliver

4 x Elvish Harbinger

4 x Llanowar Elves

1 x Swampyard

4 x Runed Stalactite

1 x Kheer Keep

4 x Didgeridoo

1 x Riptide Laboratory

3 x City of Brass

18 x Forest


Everyone has a friend that says, “I only play casual, I don’t want to play against a tournament deck!”  I can now reply, “Yeah fine, how do you feel about Rolf Harris?”

Thanks for reading and I hope we can come up with more just for fun ideas,



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